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Execution ( (しっ) (こう) Shikkō?) is the one hundred and fortieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Having located his target, Yuta descends on the scene to cut in the middle of Yuji and Choso's scuffle with Naoya. Seeing this as an opportunity, Naoya turns Yuta to his side and the two of them work together to separate Yuji from Choso.

Plot Details

Yuta approaches the group.

As Yuta unsheathes his katana, Yuji asks who he is and Choso seems to recognize his objective. Yuta jumps from the balcony above and destroys a portion of the wall on his way down, leaving both Yuji and Choso dumbfounded.

Slowing approaching them, he asks who is with Yuji, and Choso says that Yuta must be Yuji's executioner. Naoya raises both his hands and assures Yuta that he is on his side, asking him if he is Okkotsu. Yuji remembers the name as the second-year student mentioned by Megumi and that like Gojo, he is a Special Grade sorcerer.

Naoya introduces himself as Maki's cousin and says that his objective is to kill Yuji as well, assuring him that he won't interfere but asking for something in return. Choso whispers to Yuji that he needs to run since they still don't know the trick to Naoya's speed, adding that he will take him on. Yuji asks if he will be okay, and as he readies his Blood Manipulation, Choso tells Yuji that he just needs to focus on getting away from Okkotsu, pointing out that if he tries to fight someone similar to Gojo, he will be killed. Thinking to himself, Choso is glad that Yuji won't have to fight human sorcerers or feel bad about leaving his side.

Choso is stopped from saving his "brother".

Naoya asks Yuta to hold off on telling his superiors if he does kill Yuji, revealing that he is bait for someone he plans to meet. He also says to himself that he wishes he hadn't mentioned Megumi earlier. Choso whispers to Yuji that he will meet him at yesterday's spot, and Yuji acknowledges this. After Yuta agrees to Naoya's deal and leaves Choso to him, everyone suddenly makes their move, with Yuta sprinting past Choso toward Yuji, Choso trying to slow him down with a Piercing Blood shot, and Naoya interrupting the attack.

Yuji runs from Yuta.

Yuji sprints away from Yuta, and each is surprised by the other's speed. As Choso wonders if they guessed that he was trying to block Yuta, he readies his Blood Manipulation again, but Naoya strikes him before he can use it, revealing that he saw it being used earlier. Although unsure of why Choso has the ability, he remains unfazed by it with the exception of Piercing Blood, but reminds him that he needs to charge it up. He ends his explanation since the rest is obvious, telling Choso that it's time for him to die. Choso becomes serious and asks Naoya if he thinks he will leave alive after he tried to hurt his little brother.

Away from the underpass, Yuji sprints toward a car resting on its side and leaps over it, with Yuta quickly running to the other side with his katana ready. However, Yuji grabs onto the car and reverses direction, just barely dodging Yuta's strike. Yuta is left stunned since he thought he made contact, telling Yuji that he is like Maki. Yuji suddenly punches the car toward Yuta and knows that he can't win out in the open, running toward the nearby buildings.

Yuta manages to land a hit on Yuji.

However, the car is thrown above Yuji's head and stops him in his tracks. Yuta asks Yuji if he is surprised since he doesn't look like the strong type, adding that he is on the weak side. Yuji recognizes the enormous amount of cursed energy that Yuta has and realizes that the two are opposites. Yuta reveals that while he has more cursed energy than Gojo, their teacher's Six Eyes allow him to reduce the energy lost when he activates a cursed technique to close to zero.

After telling Yuji that Gojo is the best since he never runs out of cursed energy, Yuta says that he is done talking and sprints toward Yuji, who is quickly overwhelmed and remembers Aoi's words about an elite sorcerer's flow of cursed energy and it being difficult to read. Yuta seems to make contact with the butt of his katana, and as Yuji recovers from the strike, he recognizes that Yuta's body and katana are constantly surging with cursed energy. He tells himself that the issue isn't about reading his moves, but the fact that he is decisive with every strike and can reduce any damage to a minimum. He remembers Nanami's final words and tells Yuta that he can't die yet.

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