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Assault ( (きゅう) (しゅう) Kyūshū?) is the fourteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Satoru Gojo comes under sudden attack from the special grade cursed spirit, Jogo. They trade attacks, but Gojo proves why he's the self-proclaimed strongest jujutsu sorcerer. After effortlessly outclassing his opponent, Satoru brings Yuji and uses the exchange as a learning experience for his young protégé.

Plot Details

Jogo launches a sudden assault.

Faced with an unregistered special grade, Gojo comments that things are getting fun. Jogo tells him that he has no sense of danger at all. Satoru knows he's been lured out alone so he can't call for reinforcements.

Jogo summons an army of Ember Insects using his innate technique. Satoru is able to halt all of them but they detonate shortly after. He escapes the blast and appears to be taken off guard by another explosive attack. Jogo believes he won and says its deplorable how weak humans are.

Gojo shows his opponent the difference in their strength.

However, Satoru blows away all the smoke and explains that his attacks will never hit their mark. Jogo is only able to touch the "Infinity" between them. Satoru knows Jogo is confused and allows him to try and touch hands. Jogo realizes that his hand stops before touching his opponent.

Satoru "shakes hands" with the curse and beats him down using quick thrusts of his free hand. Jogo is pummeled by the attack, unable to understand how it works beyond being a simple cursed-energy infused attack. Satoru explains he can bring infinity into reality using the space created by convergence and divergence. He unleashes this power on Jogo using Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, blowing him away into the forest.

Jogo tries to keep his eyes open and counterattacks. However, Satoru suddenly appears behind him and kicks him, sending Jogo crashing down into a shallow lake. Satoru disappears for a moment and reappears with Yuji in tow. Confused, Yuji freaks out and says the cursed spirit's head is Mt. Fuji. Gojo sensei explains that his young student will be sitting in on today's class.

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