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Hunter ( (かり) (うど) Kariudo?) is the one hundred and thirty ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Still attempting to atone for his mistakes in Shibuya, Yuji works with Choso to hunt down as many cursed spirits as possible across Tokyo. Unfortunately for them, this gains the attention of Naoya Zenin and eventually Yuji's executioner, Yuta Okkotsu.

Plot Details

Yuji baits the curses in Shibuya.

Standing alone on a bridge, Yuji claps his hands together multiple times to draw out several cursed spirits. He leads them down into an underpass where Choso appears, killing most of them with a single Piercing Blood shot. The one remaining cursed spirit leaps toward Choso, but Yuji easily deals with it by crushing it against the wall.

Choso is impressed by not only Yuji's power but also his finesse and control of cursed energy, describing him as a demon god even though he still hasn't fully recovered. He calls Yuji impressive and addresses him as his little brother. Yuji asks if he is still doing that, and Choso answers that he will keep doing it, adding that Yuji's father had stitches on his forehead.

Yuji and Choso fight Naoya.

Naoya suddenly appears above them and says that he doesn't see Megumi, wondering how he could be so slow. As both Yuji and Choso stand ready, Naoya asks the two if they plan to run. Yuji seems confused, and Naoya reveals that Yuji's execution will resume now that Gojo is no longer around to support him. Yuji then remembers Ino's words about how many sorcerers Gojo has saved.

Yuta Okkotsu enters the scene.

Naoya tells Yuji that while he doesn't care if he lives or dies since his business is with Megumi, he can't allow him to be moving around freely, saying that he will first break Yuji's legs. Yuji asks what he wants with Megumi, and Naoya replies that he plans for him to die, preferably after he writes something to help him. In that instant, Naoya leaps down and says that Megumi is looking for Yuji. Although Yuji recognizes Naoya's speed, he is unable to avoid the strike to his face.

Before Yuji or Choso can land a hit of their own, Naoya quickly jumps away and the two realize that it must be his cursed technique. Naoya tells Yuji that he is stronger than he expected, also wondering to himself about the identity of the person with him. Naoya coyly asks the two if he should increase his speed, but all three of them suddenly feel an overwhelming presence. Yuji initially thinks that it's Gojo, but then describes it as something creepier. He looks up and sees Yuta, who calmly prepares his weapon and comments on the fact that Yuji is not alone.

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