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The Zenin Clan ( (ぜん) (いん) () Zen'in Ke?) is the one hundred and thirty eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


After the news of Naobito Zenin's death, it is eventually revealed that Megumi will become the next head of the Zenin Clan. Learning that Megumi is looking for Yuji in Tokyo, Naoya Zenin plans to kill them both. Meanwhile, Yuji and Choso have a chat before heading out to dispatch cursed spirits.

Plot Details

The Zenin family members await Naobito's status.

At the Zenin estate, after being critical of his dying cousin Maki, Naoya joins Ogi and Jinichi as they wait for the news about Naobito's death. Naoya criticizes his two relatives and causes them to become violent. After Naoya coyly defuses the situation he created, a man named Furudate enters and informs the three that Naobito has passed away. He reads Naobito's will and announces that Naoya will become the 27th head of the Zenin Family and inherit all its assets once he is approved by either Ogi or Jinichi.

Naoya is left furious at the news of the new Zenin clan leader.

However, Furudate then reveals that there is a clause based on a written agreement with Toji Fushiguro which states that if Satoru Gojo has died or become mentally incapacitated, Megumi Fushiguro will assume the role instead. Naoya is left furious and knows that Ogi and Jinichi will prefer having anyone other than himself as head of the clan. He eventually learns that Megumi is looking for Yuji Itadori in Tokyo and that Yuji is Sukuna's vessel, telling a female attendant to inform the higher-ups that he will kill Yuji personally. In addition, he plans to take advantage of the chaos in Tokyo and to kill Megumi as well.

Yuji sits in solitude.

In a flashback, Yuki is on the phone with someone and apologizes for not making a move sooner, saying that she was just keeping an eye on things. She coyly remarks that she may not necessarily be on their side, adding that she just wants to rid the world of cursed spirits. She says that she and her comrades will take responsibility for delivering the kids who were present, finally revealing that she plans to confront Tengen.

Yuji and Choso head to exorcise curses.

As a despondent Yuji sits alone on a large staircase, Choso approaches him and asks about his injuries. Yuji says that he is fine because of Sukuna, who he can tell is growing stronger. Choso says that he will be fine by himself while he collects the remains of Shoso and the others, telling Yuji that he can return to Jujutsu High. Yuji, however, replies that Sukuna has something planned for Megumi and that he himself has killed too many people, reminding Choso that he killed both Eso and Kechizu. Choso calmly says that it was a misunderstanding and that forgiveness isn't involved when it comes to brothers. As the two head out to deal with more cursed spirits, Naoya and Yuta are each seen moving out to track Yuji and kill him.

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