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Hard and White ( (けん) (ぱく) Kenpaku?) is the one hundred and thirty-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the aftermath of the events in Shibuya, Tokyo has been completely overtaken by curses. Yuta has returned to Japan and resumes active duty as a jujutsu sorcerer under the the higher-ups. Headquarters releases several notices as consequences for the Shibuya Incident, including Yuji Itadori's execution is to be carried out by Yuta himself.

Plot Details

The empty streets of Shibuya.

An overhead shot of Tokyo at night is shown, slowly zooming out to reveal that the area is nearly pitch-black. Unknown figures begin discussing the situation and reveal that the 23 wards have been almost completely destroyed, with only a handful of areas clear. They plan to create an evacuation plan for the five million residents, estimating that at least ten million cursed spirits have been released.

One of the people is flabbergasted that they plan to evacuate the entire area, wondering about the various consequences. One says that they should expand the two barriers to the boundaries of the prefecture, and another worries about making public the existence of cursed spirits. Someone assures the others that sorcerers are protecting evacuees inside the city, with another adding that they can tell the public that cursed spirits only appear in Tokyo. As someone worries about an intervention by a foreign military, the others debate back and forth about how to handle the whole situation.

Yuta Okkotsu enters the scene.

In a convenience store, a young girl kneels on the floor consuming various food and drink items. She suddenly spots a creepy figure in the doorway telling her to come and that it's dangerous. It also mentions hot baths and that they can sing songs. The girl asks where her mother is, and the figure replies that mom, dad, big sister, little brother, and teacher are all there. She says that she doesn't have a little brother and that she hates her teacher. After the figure simply repeats the girl's words, she is left confused and asks if they want a drink. The figure says to give it to them, and as the girl walks outside the store, an enormous cursed spirit with razor-sharp teeth pulls away the decoy they were using and opens its mouth to devour her.

Leaping down from above, Yuta suddenly appears and stabs the creature in the head with his katana. With a smile on his face, he asks the girl if he scared her, also making sure that she isn't hurt. He asks if she is with her mother or father, but she replies that she doesn't know. Yuta notes the area and doubts that she lives there, noticing how worn her shoes are and asking if she has walked a long way.

The meeting with the jujutsu higher-ups.

As Yuta tells her that she has done a good job, the creature suddenly rises up from the ground and opens its mouth to devour him, but it's violently thrown back and splattered against the wall. The girl notices the attack, and Yuta politely asks Rika not to overdo things, covering the girl's eyes and turning her away from the carnage.

Three notices from the higher-ups.

Later, Yuta meets with the higher-ups who praise his efforts. He bluntly tells them to get to the point and says that they know he will obey their orders. One of them chuckles and says that his killing of cursed spirits proves nothing. Yuta asks in reply if he should enter into a Binding Vow, then assuring them that he doesn't care if the person is Gojo's student. He says that since Yuji cut off Inumaki's arm in Shibuya, he will kill him personally.

Five notices are made known by the higher-ups. First, Geto is confirmed to be alive and has been sentenced to death (again). Second, Gojo is considered an accomplice in the incident at Shibuya and has been permanently exiled. Removing his seal will be considered a criminal act. Third, Masamichi is to be executed for inciting Gojo and Geto and causing the incident at Shibuya. Fourth, Yuji's execution will resume and be carried out immediately. Lastly, Yuta is appointed as Yuji's executioner.

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