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The Shibuya Incident, Part 53 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) 53 Shibuya Jihen 53?) is the one hundred and thirty-sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


As the Shibuya Incident finally comes to an end, Pseudo-Geto and Yuki Tsukumo disagree on the role cursed energy will play in the evolution of humanity. Pseudo-Geto explains his plans for the world of the future, a return to an era that reflects the Heian and the height of cursed techniques.

Plot Details

"The next stage of humanity lies in breaking away from cursed energy."

Yuki asks "Geto" if he remembers their conversation eleven years ago. They both wanted to create a world where cursed spirits could no longer exist. Regardless of the method, Yuki knows that humans will advance to their next stage. She believes that stage lies in breaking away from cursed energy. Pseudo-Geto argues that it can only come from optimizing cursed energy. Partially frozen and entirely confused, Yuji mentions that he doesn't understand either method and wonders who Yuki even is.

Geto states he thought Yuki abandoned her method when Toji Zenin died. Yuki argues Pseudo-Geto's method has a large hole because only the humans of Japan can be enhanced through Tengen and optimizing cursed energy. A monopoly on cursed energy in Japan could cause other world superpowers to react. The chaos that would result in is far removed from the world Yuki and Geto spoke of.

"No. It lies in optimizing cursed energy."

Pseudo-Geto laughs and reveals that his objective is completely different from hers. He sees sorcerers, non-sorcerers, and cursed spirits as all possible forms of cursed energy in the image of human beings. He also believes there must be more to human potential. During his time as Noritoshi Kamo, he created the Death Painting Wombs to try and bring about that potential. However, Pseudo-Geto does not believe his creations will ever exceed the bounds of his own potential. The only way the mad sorcerer can achieve his goal is by unleashing chaos he cannot control.

Having already extracted Mahito's innate technique, Pseudo-Geto prepares to activate it. Yuki quickly realizes what the curse user might be trying to do and asks Yuji what happened to the soul-manipulating cursed spirit. Yuji reveals that Pseudo-Geto absorbed Mahito, much to Yuki's dismay. Pseudo-Geto slams his palm on the ground, creating a giant seal marking on the ground. This initiates a remote activation of a cursed technique, surprising Yuji,

Pseudo-Geto activates Idle Transfiguration to manipulate the soul's of people he's marked.

Pseudo-Geto thanks Yuji for helping Mahito reach his potential before he was absorbed via Cursed Spirit Manipulation. Any technique acquired this way stops improving the moment its original user is absorbed. Geto adds that he also wanted to get Jogo's abilities as well.Yuki asks what he's done and the curse user reveals he's used Idle Transfiguration on two different types of people who have already been marked with the same seal he just cast. Tsumiki Fushiguro is one of those people, and she has finally awoken in her hospital room.

The first type of non-sorcerers marked are vessels Geto had ingest cursed objects similar to how Yuji incarnated Sukuna. The second type are those whose brains were meant to be non-sorcerers like Junpei Yoshino. Idle Transfiguration allowed Pseudo-Geto to adjust their brains for the capacity to use jujutsu and develop innate techniques. To those who've ingested cursed objects, Geto gave them the strength to be proper vessels.

As one of the people marked, Tsumiki finally awakens.

Although some have been in deep slumber since being marked by Pseudo-Geto's cursed energy, they will awaken soon and fight each other to deepen their understanding of cursed energy. He carefully chose those who will participate in the chaos and compares it to releasing a thousand evil Yujis. Yuki doesn't believe a thousand people will be enough to get humans to kill each other. Pseudo-Geto ensures her he would not make such an oversight, annoying Yuki. She asks Yuji to help beat the curse user up but the Jujutsu High student is still frozen in place from Uraume's attack.

Suddenly, the ice melts around Yuji and everyone else who was frozen, freeing them. Pseudo-Geto asks Uraume what's wrong and they come to the conclusion they've been poisoned. Choso reveals that his blood poisoned them when Piercing Blood connected with Uraume's guard. Momo Nishimiya suggests there may be more enemies since Mai Zenin never came to back them up after firing her sniper shot. Yuki reveals that she's been buying time for Larue to move in position to protect Mai, Aoi Todo, and Arata Nitta. Panda is able to move and asks Noritoshi if he's alright as well. The Kyoto student assures Panda that regulating his body temperature is no issue. In contrast Atsuya Kusakabe remains on the ground discouraged from the long day's events.

Pseudo-Geto escapes with Prison Realm and declares the future will reflect the World of the Heian.

Having heard enough interruptions, Pseudo-Geto declares he is still talking. The cursed objects he provided were created from sorcerers he made vows with a millennia ago. However, those vows became null when he obtained Suguru Geto's body. Yuki understands the implications of this just as Pseudo-Geto announces that this is the world of the future.

Several cursed spirits abruptly appear from the curse manipulator as he shows Prison Realm to Yuji. Yuji calls out his sensei's name as the curse user says he expects a lot of the Jujutsu High student. As Pseudo-Geto disappears into the darkness and makes his exit, he asks Sukuna if he's listening. He declares that the golden age of jujutsu is returning and the world similar to that of the Heian Era is preparing to begin once again.

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  • Shibuya
    • Remains of Shibuya Police Station