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The Shibuya Incident, Part 52 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) 52 Shibuya Jihen 52?) is the one hundred and thirty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Convinced Yuji Itadori is his younger brother, Choso fights with all his might to protect him. Viewing Choso's disruption as an opportunity to be taken advantage of, the jujutsu sorcerers launch one last assault to retake Prison Realm from Pseudo-Geto. When they're all literally frozen in their tracks by Uraume, someone from Suguru Geto's past arrives on the battlefield to make the save.

Plot Details

"Using all my strength, I will fulfill my duty as the older brother!!"

A side effect of Choso's cursed technique is that he can sense the transformation of his younger brothers through their blood connection. Death is the last and greatest transformation any living thing can achieve. Just before finishing off Yuji in their fight earlier in Shibuya, Choso could feel the sensation of his death. To Choso, this can only mean that Yuji is also his younger brother.

Pseudo-Noritoshi Kamo has extended his life from moving from host to host, making it possible that Yuji and Choso could share some sort of blood relation. In order to fulfill his duty as an older brother, Choso is ready to protect Yuji with all his strength. Choso activates Blood Manipulation: Convergence, surprising Kyoto High's Noritoshi Kamo with how much superior it is to his own.

The Jujutsu High students attempt to take advantage of Choso's disruption.

Choso fires Piercing Blood and it almost reaches Uraume's face in the blink of an eye. Uraume is surprised by the immense speed of Piercing Blood and barely manages to protect their face. Geto sidesteps the attack while it drills a hole through one of his partner's cursed energy reinforced hands. Choso swings the stream of blood following the blood arrow to slash at Geto. This breaks up the ground and Choso uses the blood he placed there to disrupt Geto's footing. They engage each other by trading blows in close quarters combat. Geto is the first to land a significant strike and suggests Choso shouldn't strain himself after fighting so much earlier. Choso doesn't believe being tired as any excuse for putting his life on the line to protect his younger brother.

Confused, Panda asks if Yuji is really related too Choso. Yuji doesn't believe they are and reveals how Choso nearly killed him earlier. Regardless of his relationship with Yuji, Noritoshi points out that Choso is creating a disturbance that they need to take advantage of. With two cores still going strong, Panda goes out front in Gorilla Mode while they others follow behind him. Panda activates his Unblockable Drumming Beat, but suddenly Uraume actives their innate technique: Ice Formation.

Uraume freezes the jujutsu sorcerers.

Uraume uses Frost Calm to release an icy mist that freezes Choso, Noritoshi, Panda, and Kusakabe. Geto asks them not to kill the sorcerers because he needs messengers. Uraume heals their hand using a reverse cursed technique, discouraging Kusakabe who considers these curse users to be on a whole other level. Choso activates Flowing Red Scale to rapidly increase his body's temperature and melt the ice, claiming it can't hold him. Uraume appears in front of Choso with a frozen tipped finger pointing at his face and asks how much ice it will take then.

Yuji, one of the only ones who wasn't frozen, drop kicks Choso out of the ice to save him from Uraume. Annoyed, Uraume asks who does the vessel think that body belongs to. Yuji believes he wasn't frozen due to Sukuna and asks Choso who's side he's on. Choso denies he's fighting with the sorcerers and states once again that he's Yuji's older brother. He even asks Yuji to try calling him "big brother" just once. Yuji ignores this because he notices Momo Nishimiya flying down towards the ground on her broom.

Uraume threatens to finish Choso off.

Momo uses her Wind Scythe technique to launch a blade of cursed energy wind from her broom at the two curse users. Uraume is able to block this attack with their bare hands much easier than Piercing Blood, frustrating Momo. With Yuji, Momo, and Choso the only ones still mobile, the Kyoto student tells the other two they need to buy time for Utahime.

"What kind of girls are you into?"

Dissatisfied with needing a messenger as a reason for keeping this many enemy sorcerers alive, Uraume actives Ice Formation again. They claim Yuji alone will be enough and creates a stream of icicles that surrounds both curse users before splitting apart to freeze their adversaries. The flying ice bits attack and freeze Yuji, Choso, and Momo in place. A second wave sharpened icicles attack them from above, ensuring certain death. Their demise seems assured until a mysterious shikigami suddenly appears to quickly break apart the ice.

The special grade sorcerer Yuki Tsukumo appears on the battlefield to accompany her shikigami. She asks Geto the same question again from all those years ago: inquiring as to what kind of girl's he's into.

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  • Shibuya
    • Remains of Shibuya Police Station