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The Shibuya Incident, Part 51 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) 51 Shibuya Jihen 51?) is the one hundred and thirty-fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Pseudo-Geto continues his conversation with Yuji about all the techniques he's acquired. The curse user is interrupted by the timely arrival of the Kyoto Jujutsu High students. As more people gather for the final clash of the Shibuya Incident, Choso appears and unveils a shocking revelation about the man controlling Suguru Geto's body.

Plot Details

"The technique is... extracted."

Standing before Yuji holding Mahito's sealed inside a black orb in his hand, Pseudo-Geto begins to explain Maximum Techniques. They are an innate technique's most powerful art outside of Domain Expansion. Cursed Spirit Manipulation Maximum: Uzumaki combines cursed spirits in the user's possession to unleash a burst of super condensed cursed energy.

In the middle of his explanation, Geto strangely begins to laugh. Yuji asks what's so funny and the curse user replies that he accidentally started acting like Suguru. Continuing on about Uzumaki, he explains the technique is powerful but he initially believed it negated the great number of moves at the curse manipulator's disposal. For now, Yuji decides to quietly listen and wait the moment out. Pseudo-Geto admits he was wrong about Uzumaki because when semi-grade 1 and higher cursed spirits are utilized, their cursed technique is extracted.

The Kyoto students launch their counterattack!

Geto swallows the black orb containing Mahito, officially adding the special grade to his collection. While looking up, Geto tells Yuji it's foolish to think he wouldn't notice something the first-year already had. Momo Nishimiya is floating above him on her broom, using a lantern as a signal for her allies to attack from long range. Noritoshi Kamo is the first to act, firing cursed energy infused arrows at the enemy. Geto avoids the arrows but immediately notices a speeding bullet coming directly at him. While a cursed spirit to block the bullet, Geto commends Mai. He likes that she used a sniper rifle because it's wise to use conventional weaponry against human sorcerers.

As Kasumi Miwa joins the fight, she recalls her past. Her mother used to dye her hair black when she was captain of the youth basketball team. She met her mentor in Junior High and decided to become a jujutsu sorcerer despite having never even held a wooden sword. Miwa always held onto her katana tight to provide for her family as well as keeping herself alive. Miwa slides behind Geto and activates New Shadow Style. While recalling her blistered and bloodied hands, Miwa puts everything into this swing. She's prepared to never use a sword again and attacks with Batto Sword Drawing. However, Geto catches the blade with his bare hands and shatters it.

Maximum: Uzumaki!

Immediately after negating Miwa's attack, Geto activates Maximum: Uzumaki. With the technique having been divulged to him, Yuji knows Uzumaki's power and yells for the curse user to stop. Momo also looks down and moves to save Miwa, but someone else gets there first. Uzumaki destroys the ground with a blast of super-condensed cursed energy, leaving a gaping fissure in the ground from the impact. However, the technique didn't hit anyone and Geto admits its nice facing someone with experience rather than these students. Kusakabe was able to use his New Shadow Style to cancel out part of the cursed technique and protect Miwa. Momo and Utahime are behind him with Miwa as well. They're arguing about being out front in the battle but felt they had no choice with the danger presented.

Choso recognizes the man controlling Geto's body as his own creator.

At the same time, Panda arrives to the battlefield and checks on Yuji. He's relieved to see that Yuji is back in control of his body. He asks if the curse user has the cursed object holding Satoru Gojo, which Noritoshi believes is likely the case. Noritoshi asks who the curse user is and Panda can only say that it's a mystery person that has assumed the identity of Suguru Geto by controlling his body.

Suddenly, Choso also arrives on the battlefield, surprising Yuji. Geto welcomes him but Choso finally recognizes the curse user as one of his three parents. There is Choso's mother, the cursed spirit who got her pregnant, and the man who tormented Choso's mother to create the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings. Choso hated this person and now they're inhabiting Suguru Geto's body. This person is none other than the evilest sorcerer in history, Noritoshi Kamo!

Uraume stops Choso from attacking Pseudo-Geto.

Choso yells at Noritoshi Kamo's identity in a rage, confusing Panda, Yuji, and the current Noritoshi. Utahime clears up that Choso is referring to the stain of the Kamo Clan. Kusakabe believes that it makes sense for him to be someone with absurd barrier techniques, cursed objects, and the ability to switch bodies.

Pseudo-Geto claims that Noritoshi Kamo is just one of many names he's gone by. Irate that he was manipulated into attacking his little brother Yuji, Choso rushes at Pseudo-Geto. Uraume abruptly cuts him off, sliding next to Geto and telling the "bottom-feeder" to step aside. Uraume tells Choso not to make them wait any longer but Choso replies for the curse user to get out of his way and repeats that he's Yuji's older brother.

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