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The Shibuya Incident, Part 50 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 50?) is the one hundred and thirty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The Shibuya Incident races towards its conclusion as several different groups of jujutsu sorcerers prepare for what comes next. Meanwhile, Yuji's victory over Mahito is short-lived. The two are confronted by the mastermind behind everything.

Plot Details

Panda searching through the wreckage of a completely decimated Shibuya.

When Aoi Todo and Arata Nitta first arrived in Shibuya at 11:09 PM, they headed straight for the Fukutoshin Line Platform where Satoru Gojo was sealed. They ran into a group of paralyzed non-sorcerers still left in a trance from being exposed to Unlimited Void. Todo arrived at the spot where Prison Realm dented the ground upon initially processing Satoru and confirmed the cursed object had been moved. Arata is discouraged by the direness of the situation but Todo told him they need to keep moving. Their goal shifted from retrieving Satoru to rescuing as many of their fellow sorcerers as possible. Feeling that his best friend was nearby, Todo told Arata they needed to hurry.

At 11:28 PM, Panda used his Gorilla Mode to search the wreckage of the area in front of Shibuya Stream following Maximum: Meteor's impact. He moved enough rubble to eventually located Kusakabe. He was slightly injured and trapped under the rubble, but nothing life threatening. Having nearly been killed by Sukuna's rampage, Kusakabe told Panda that Yuji isn't like he was told. Panda tried to explain that it was Sukuna who attacked them and not Yuji but Kusakabe doesn't accept that as a reason. He claims if Gojo disappears then he won't stand on Yuji's side against the higher-ups as his students would've hoped. Kusakabe agrees that Yuji should be executed.

"Shall I save you... Mahito?"

At 10:36 PM in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mei Mei teased Ui Ui about sharing the same bed until someone gave her a callback. She revealed to that person that she was nearly killed by Pseudo-Geto and had to escape using Ui Ui's innate technique. She advised them to sell all their Japanese stock and Tokyo real estate immediately. Having already exchanged her yen, Mei Mei expects a possible negative chain reaction could still affect other nearby developed nations. Japan's economy is the third-largest in the world and could be in for a major decline. Mei Mei shares this information so she can use it as a favor in future businesses endeavors.

Around the same time, Panda located Kusakabe, Choso was continuing to have flashbacks of Yuji in his life alongside his other brothers. In BF3 of Shibuya Station, Choso was sitting down leaning up against a door in a depressed position. After shedding a tear for his brothers, Choso decided he needed to move. Unsure of himself, Choso needs to know what Yuji is.

Yuji overwhelmed by the strengths cursed spirit manipulation provides its user.

11:36 PM at present, Geto asks Mahito if he needs saving. Yuji acts quickly, recognizing Geto's name and appearance with the descriptions of Satoru's captor. He demands Gojo back rushes towards the curse user. Geto nonchalantly explains that people of the mid-edo period connection spoke of a mysterious connection between catfish and earthquakes. At the same time, he summons a small catfish cursed spirit that swims into the ground.

Suddenly, a gigantic hole created by the curse appears underneath Yuji. The first-year loses his balance and appears to fall into the hole. However, Yuji abruptly falls to the ground as if the hole never existed, completely dazing him. Geto asks if Yuji believed he had fallen and says from a side view, it just looked like he suddenly flipped over.

Geto explains the strength of Cursed Spirit Manipulation lies in the high number of moves at the user's disposal. By wielding multiple cursed spirits of semi-grade 1 and higher, Geto can unleash different types of attacks every time his opponent adjusts to one. Geto doesn't even have to allow time for his opponents to overcome his techniques and can just pile on the different attacks.

"Let us discuss the world to come."

Geto demonstrates this on Yuji, using a curse that takes the form of a swarm of centipedes crawling out of a black webbing to ensnare Yuji. Then the catfish curse opens another hole at the same time, suspending Yuji in the air without balance before stacking another centipede attack and smashing the sorcerer into the ground with great force. Psuedo-Geto believes that Suguru would've defeated Yuta Okkotsu if his cursed spirits weren't divided for the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. As Yuji lays on his hands and knees bloodied from the attack, Geto realizes that the first-year had nothing to do with that event. Yuji simply demands Satoru back and Pseudo-Geto laughs in response while admitting that Sukuna's vessel is tough.

Mahito attempts to hit Pseudo-Geto from behind but his hand is easily avoided. The cursed spirit admits he knew Yuji was tough all along since he was born of humans. Geto absorbs Mahito as the cursed spirit utters his final words. After condensing Mahito into a black sphere, Geto asks Yuji to continue discussing the future of the jujutsu world.

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