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The Shibuya Incident, Part 48 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 48?) is the one hundred and thirty first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


As the Shibuya Incident races violently towards its conclusion, only Yuji is left to stand against Mahito. Having ascended to his true form, Mahito plans to celebrate his rebirth by killing his nemesis.

Plot Details

Mahito's new destructive power.

Shibuya has been decimated by the exchanges of the jujutsu battle between Mahito and the sorcerers. In the midst of the city ruins, Yuji glares at his greatest enemy and wonders what his newest transfiguration brings to the table. Idle Transfiguration: Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing has allowed Mahito to ascend to his "true form". The cursed spirit feels reborn and asks Yuji to wish him a happy birthday to celebrate the monumental occasion.

Having unleashed Black Flash, Mahito believes he has tapped into his true unbridled soul. Yuji didn't take his adversary to be one for a journey of self-discovery. Amused, Mahito replies that his rebirth has just begun. Only after killing Yuji does the cursed spirit feel that he can truly be born anew.

Mahito's newly hardened body nullifies the force of Yuji's punch completely.

The two fighters blitz one another with blinding speed to reignite the battle. Mahito makes the first move, creating a shockwave with just a wave of his arm. Yuji ducks under the wave of debris and attacks with a straight kick that's caught by the black hairs protruding from Mahito's head. The curse tries to take advantage with a tailwhip but Yuji blocks it with his knee. Both fighters return to neutral where Yuji is able to parry Mahito's punch and counter with an uppercut to his body. However, Yuji's cursed energy infused punch deals absolutely zero damage.

Mahito's body is now even harder than Choso's was at the end of his jujutsu battle with Yuji. Mahito knocks Yuji away and forces him to realize that the cursed spirit transcended beyond his former state. They trade blows but Yuji's attacks are unable to reach his opponent any longer.

"You and I still got a lot left in the tank."

Yuji is overwhelmed and slammed into the street, creating a giant crater from the impact. The street crumbles apart and Yuji falls too the bottom of the crater where several pipes have burst. As water fills the bottom of the crater where Yuji stands across from Mahito, the former realizes he can only win using a Black Flash infused with maximum cursed energy.

Yuji focuses on charging his cursed energy for a max power Black Flash.

Yuji's leg suddenly sinks into the shallow body of water forming at his feet. Mahito attempts to take advantage but he can't. The special grade coughs up blood and smaller areas of his body break apart suddenly. Yuji hitting Mahito with Black Flash immediately after Mahito activated domain expansion dealt serious damage. The lasting effects of their long battle are catching up with Mahito. Yuji hits his leg to wake himself up, prompting Mahito to comment that they both still have plenty left in the tank.

Mahito rushes his opponent as soon as he's capable, kicking up a large volume of water. Yuji focuses on charging his cursed energy around his fist and ducks under Mahito's attack. While continuing to keep his right hand in a fist, Yuji parries Mahito's attack. This puts them both in a position to attack with their free hand, with both fighters ready to deal the final decisive blow.

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