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The Shibuya Incident, Part 47 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 47?) is the one hundred and thirtieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Mahito's incredibly fast domain expansion of just 0.2 seconds nearly takes Aoi Todo out of the fight permanently. However, the top-knot gorilla is as stubborn as ever and uses his last contribution to the battle to put Yuji in a position to finish it. With everything that's transpired during his struggle with the jujutsu sorcerers, Mahito finally discovers the true essence of his soul and takes on a deadly new form.

Plot Details

"He'll be dead before you can switch with him so just shut up and watch."

Mahito activates his all-or-nothing domain expansion of 0.2 seconds, taking his both opponents off guard. Todo acts quickly and activates Simple Domain, which he learned from Yuki Tsukumo. Even faster is Yuji who's already running toward Mahito in an attempt to exorcise him before Idle Transfiguration can activate. However, Mahito is the fastest of all three.

The two-step process of realizing one's innate domain and the activation of their cursed technique are combined into one by Mahito, who is awakened through Black Flash.

Without his hand, Todo is left vulnerable to Mahito's Black Flash.

As a result of activating his domain expansion, Mahito enters Sukuna's innate domain for a moment. He asks Sukuna if this is a safe space and inquires about his agreement with Yuji. The King of Curses remains silent but Mahito revokes his questioning tone in order to challenge Sukuna. Mahito arrogantly claims Yuji will be dead before the Sukuna can switch consciousnesses with him and tells the King of Curses to shut up and watch.

As Self-Embodiment of Perfection ends, Todo's left hand begins to transfigure. Yuji turns around to check on his fighting partner and Mahito knocks him to the ground while his back is turned. Todo quickly severs his own hand but this leaves him vulnerable to the approaching special grade cursed spirit.

Aoi Todo uses Mahito's hand to activate Boogie Woogie one last time.

After activating domain expansion, the user's innate technique becomes difficult to control. Mahito became aware of this fact after escaping Satozakura High. He instead attacks Todo with a strong punch enhanced Black Flash to the stomach that sends the top-knot gorilla reeling.

The grade 1 sorcerer survives the heavy blow. Todo instinctively concentrated all his cursed energy to defend the blow and minimize the damage, surprising the Mahito. The cursed spirit becomes able to activate Idle Transfiguration again and plans to kill Todo with the next hit. Mahito's focus is suddenly interrupted when Todo's necklace falls to the ground and knocks open a small picture frame containing photos of Yuji and Takada.

Mahito discovers the true essence of his soul.

While his opponent is distracted, Todo uses Mahito's hand to clap and activate Boogie Woogie. Todo instantly switches places with Yuji, who strikes Mahito in the face with another Black Flash. Todo collapses and looks at his remaining hand while expressing luckily to be alive. Ready to finish the fight alone, Yuji looks back at Todo and thanks him for all his help.

Heavily injured, Mahito creates a Polymorphic Soul Isomer to hold Yuji off. Mahito admits the top-knot gorilla was a problem for him till the very end. Despite his depleting condition, Mahito believes he's found the true essence of his soul from the previous exchange. Yuji defeats the Polymorphic Soul Isomer and Mahito evolves into his final stage of being, emerging from his cocoon in sense. Mahito activates Idle Transfiguration: Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing! Feeling reborn in his new form, Maito asks Yuji to wish him a happy birthday.

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