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Watching Movies ( (えい) () (かん) (しょう) Eiga Kanshō?) is the thirteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji must control his emotions while watching movies if he's ever to attain control over cursed energy. Megumi continues training alongside the second-years as well. After leaving his session with Yuji, Satoru Gojo crosses paths with the unregistered special grade cursed spirit, Jogo.

Plot Details

Gojo sensei informs Yuji that he'll be watching movies to help him control his emotions. He won't be alone, as Gojo tasks him with holding on to one of the Principal's cursed corpses while watching the films. The doll will awaken and attack if it's not receiving a constant flow of cursed energy.

Yuji watching movies as training.

There are a variety of movies meant to stir a variety of emotions with Yuji. He must keep the cursed corpse sleeping while sitting through each movie. The training is meant to help Yuji control his cursed energy under any condition. However, he can only keep the doll asleep in short bursts and is quickly frustrated.

Meanwhile, Megumi sits down with Maki and Panda to discuss using cursed tools. Megumi chooses to keep his hands free. Maki says that some jujutsu sorcerers can tame familiars that can store weapons for them, but it's a rare ability. Sukuna mentioned before that Megumi shouldn't have run when faced with that special grade. Instilled with more confidence, Megumi believes he may be able to store weapons within the shadows of his shikigami.

Jogo confronts the strongest jujutsu sorcerer.

Satoru leaves Yuji to continue his training alone. Before he exits, Gojo sensei asks Yuji if he agreed to any of Sukuna's conditions to get his heart fixed. Yuji recalls talking to Sukuna but he can't remember the details. On their way to meet with the principal, Satoru asks Kiyotaka to stop the car and leave him behind in the road.

Jogo suddenly appears from the sky to ambush Satoru, but the most powerful jujutsu sorcerer is ready for the attack. The curse uses flames to try and incinerate Satoru, suggesting he's nothing special. However, Satoru effortlessly survives the assault and realizes this special grade cursed is highly intelligent as well as unregistered.

Satoru recognizes that Jogo is even more powerful than the current Sukuna. Despite this, he's excited for this chance to fight.

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