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The Shibuya Incident, Part 46 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 46?) is the one hundred and twenty-ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The climactic battle between Yuji, Todo, and Mahito rages through the streets of Shibuya. The cursed spirit desperately tries to take Todo out of the equation so he can focus on killing Yuji. When all else fails to get the top-knot gorilla out of the way, Mahito uses inspiration from Satoru Gojo to activate a domain expansion of 0.2 seconds!

Plot Details

"Did you.. forget about me?!"

Mahito emphatically yells to Yuji that it's their last chance to curse one another. Asking if the curse has forgotten about him, Todo swaps all three of their positions so he is holding Mahito and then slams him headfirst into the ground. Yuji attempts to smash Mahito's head with a kick, but the curse dismembers his head to avoid the blow.

The special grade curse's body grows two eyes and transforms its arm into blades before rapidly attacking the sorcerers. At the same time, Mahito's head grows a separate body and stands behind his other half to activate Soul Multiplicity.

This time Mahito combines souls with weak rejection to form one powerful transfigured human using Polymorphic Soul Isomer. Todo uses Boogie Woogie to continuously give his side advantageous positions against the enemy. He believes Mahito's body contains most of the power but the head is the real him because it used Idle Transfiguration.

Mahito's Polymorphic Soul Isomer knocks Todo through a building.

Before taking out Mahito's real self, Todo attempts to take out the Polymorphic Soul Isomer. However, much to his surprise, Todo is suddenly smacked aside with an extraordinarily powerful blow. The impact sends Todo crashing through an entire floor of an office building. He crashes out the other side into the road but manages to recover his balance.

Aoi Todo refuses to allow Mahito to exclude him from the fight.

The Polymorphic Soul Isomer confronts the grade 1 sorcerer and Todo counterattacks by infusing a rock with cursed energy and swapping places with it behind his opponent. Much to Todo's surprise, one hit is enough to kill the Polymorphic Soul Isomer. He surmises that its explosive power was a result of Mahito expending numerous souls at once to manifest it. There are two more confronting him and Todo asks for their forgiveness before taking them out.

While Mahito is free of Boogie Woogie, he decides to pile on the attacks against Yuji. He uses a more ferocious version of Body Repel to attack but the sorcerer avoids the attack and dropkicks Mahito through the air. The curse counters by grabbing Yuji's leg and slamming him to the ground. When the dust settles from the crash, Mahito attempts to follow up the attack. He's irritated to find the top-knot Gorilla standing back at Yuji's side. Todo taunts their adversary about wanting to keep him out of the fun.

An all-or-nothing doman expansion of 0.2 seconds!

Mahito is surprised not even two Polymorphic Soul Isomers were enough to stall or defeat Todo. He can't transfigure Todo without being able to touch him and Sukuna retaliate if Mahito attempts domain expansion. It's too complex for Mahito to exclude Yuji from a domain's barrier so he decides to take inspiration from his battle with Satoru Gojo.

Yuji and Todo are both shocked when Mahito suddenly activates Self-Embodiment of Perfection. They believe this action would normally be suicide but Mahito is ready to bet on an all-or-nothing domain expansion of just 0.2 seconds.

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