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The Shibuya Incident, Part 45 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 45?) is the one hundred and twenty-eighth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The Kyoto jujutsu sorcerers head to Shibuya as the curtain closes on the incident. Kokichi left his last communication device with Kasumi in order to deliver his confession and final goodbyes. Meanwhile, Yuji, Todo, and Mahito go beyond their limits as their battle reaches its next stage,

Plot Details

Mechamaru's farewell to Kasumi.

On a train to Shibuya, Kasumi Miwa holds one of Mechamaru's communication devices in her hands. She's disappointed as Kokichi's voice informs her that the Shibuya Incident will be settled any moment now. He tells her to turn back because it's too late but Kasumi ignores him and asks why he only allowed Todo and Arata to go to Shibuya.

Kokichi doctored the records so everyone else from the group including Utahime would be away from Shibuya on October 31. Kasumi asks if she's useless and weak since he didn't trust her and everyone to go. Kokichi argues that he's the weak one and admits he's made mistakes that he couldn't even go through with. He confesses there was someone he loved and he believed they would be fine regardless of the state of the world as long as they were together. Kokichi wanted this to be the case even if that girl didn't want protection from him.

THe other Kyoto sorcerers on their way to Shibuya.

With his time running out, Kokichi says his final goodbyes to Kasumi as she cries over losing him. Kokichi asks Kasumi to find her happiness and adds that as long as she does that, his wish will have come true. For a moment, Kokichi appears sitting next to Kasumi in the reflection of the window as he says goodbye. His image disappears as she looks up into the window, symbolizing that he's gone for good. The other members who were left out of the incident can hear Kasumi crying from a different car on the train.

Mai asks Utahime about Mechamaru's betrayal but Utahime doesn't believe it matters since Kokichi was killed. Kamo is disappointed Mechmaru expected so little from them but Momo is simply enraged that he made her cute junior cry.

"All three have brought out 120% of their potential!!"

Meanwhile, in Shibuya Station, the battle between Mahito and the jujutsu sorcerers rages on. With his fighting spirit reignited, Yuji fights effectively alongside Todo to keep Mahito on the defensive. Mahito knows Todo's soul is at full strength and one transfiguration might not be enough to kill him. Yuji's soul is in a much less stable state but Mahito isn't exactly in great shape either. He feels at less than half his full strength after having his double destroyed and being hit with Black Flash after Yuji's rush of attacks. All of that started with Nobara, making Mahito admit that despite being a nobody to him, Nobara left her mark on this battle.

Mahito plans to deal with Todo's switching first and tries to use a transfigured human to distract Yuji. However, Mahito is surprised when Todo uses Boogie Woogie to swap places with the transfigured human. This allows him to get behind Mahito and force the curse to destroy his own weapon at the same time. Todo thinks about feeling like he's being left behind now that Mahito can use Black Flash as well. Yuji refused to get left behind and used the technique during the Goodwell Event. Todo refuses to let Yuji feel alone and unleashes the sparks of black himself. By delivering a picture-perfect high kick, Todo hits Mahito with Black Flash!

The fight against Mahito reaches the next level.

Mahito's arm is broken by Todo's Black Flash but he doesn't believe Todo will be able to hurt him like that. Even so, the special grade recognizes that all three fighters have reached one hundred and twenty percent of their potential. Mahito voluntarily vomits up several miniature transfigured humans and combines them using Soul Multiplicity. Mahito immediately activates Body Repel, creating multiple transfigured snake-like heads that attempt to chomp hiss adversaries with their giant teeth.

Body Repel breaks through the underground of Shibuya into the streets above. Yuji and Todo are forced to move and evade the attacks in the air. The latter recognizes that Mahito is countering Boogie Woogie by attacking from all directions. He admits its time for them to reach the next level of the battle and Mahito adds that it's their last chance to curse each other.

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