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The Shibuya Incident, Part 44 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 44?) is the one hundred and twenty-seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Unable to forgive himself, Yuji's resolve is broken and he's ready to give up. Aoi Todo reminds Yuji that their allies are never truly defeated. The only punishment a jujutsu sorcerer faces is fighting until they can discover what it is they've been entrusted with. Determined to honor Nanami's memory, Yuji steps up beside Todo ready to face Mahito once again.

Plot Details

Mahito attacks the newcomers after Yuji admits he's given up.

Helpless and trembling on the ground in front of Todo and Arata, Yuji explains that he can't fight anymore. Not only did Nobara perish in front of his eyes, but Nanami was killed by Mahito as well. Arata is shocked even a grade 1 sorcerer was defeated recently. To add to Yuji's suffering, Sukuna slaughtered potentially dozens of people and Yuji felt he needed to help others to compensate. However, he feels as if he failed completely in that regard. Yuji wanted to avoid feeling nothing but a murderer, but now that's the exact position he's in. Crying and writhing on the ground, Yuji expresses that he simply can't forgive himself.

Enticed by Yuji's suffering, Mahito jumps at the group of sorcerers with his arm shaped into a thorned weapon. Todo claps his hands and activates Boogie Woogie to switch Mahito's position in the air with Arata behind him. Mahito attempts to turn around and attack Todo, but the third-year student switches the curse's position with Yuji's. Taken off guard, Mahito is left wide open to a powerful kick that sends him reeling towards Arata. Todo quickly swaps Arata and Mahito again and takes position in front of his juniors to face off against the special grade alone.

"What have you been entrusted with?"

Impressed, Mahito laughs and admits to himself that Todo's technique is extremely disorienting despite knowing how it works. At the same time, Todo tells Yuji not to limit himself to sins or misfortunate. All of them are jujutsu sorcerers, including Nanami and Nobara. Todo believes as long as they keep on living, those who have passed on will never have truly been defeated. He adds that looking for logic in meaning and death can defile the memories of the death, but Todo still asks Yuji what he's been entrusted with.

Todo tells Yuji that he doesn't need to answer right now. However, until he does, the first-year can never stop fighting. Todo believes that is the only punishment jujutsu sorcerers must endure. He expresses this to Yuji and runs ahead to fight Mahito.

Yuji apologizes to Nanami for almost running away and promises to honor his sacrifice.

Arata quickly treats Yuji's injuries by applying his cursed technique. He informs Yuji that his injuries won't get any worse from here on out unless he sustains new ones. Arata has already done the same for Nobara. He admits that she doesn't have a pulse and isn't breathing, but encourages Yuji by adding that there isn't a zero percent chance of survival. After trying to instill some hope in Yuji, Arata takes Nobara and retreats out of the station.

Mahito attacks Todo and tries to split himself a few different ways to outmaneuver his opponent. However, Todo proves to be efficient at avoiding Mahito while staying back away from Yuji. A small transfigured human behind Todo transforms into a large spike, but the third year avoids the attack. It barely cuts the sorcerer's shirt and Mahito is disappointed his opponent didn't clap Even so, Mahito is confident after tapping into the power of Black Flash, hoping to do so once again. He believes it's drawing him ever closer to the true essence of his soul.

Yuji back in the fight!

Todo suddenly claps again and interrupts Mahito's train of thought. Yuji appears before the cursed spirit, back in the fight. He charges his fist with cursed energy and reminds himself of Nanami's last words: "You've got it from here". Yuji also silently apologizes to his fallen mentor for almost using his sins as an excuse to run and promises to take on his share of suffering in the future.

Focused and recommitted to the battle, Yuji unleashes the sparks of black on Mahito, destroying the curse's arm with Black Flash! Mahito is knocked back but quickly heals his wound. Amused, the curse smiles and says that Yuji is back from the dead. Todo welcomes him back into the battle and Yuji stands ready to fight beside him.

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