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A Story About that Girl (あの () (はなし) Ano Ko no Hanashi?) is the one hundred and twenty-fifth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Even when she was young, Nobara had a tendency to stand out. She took to outsiders like Fumi and Saori and left her small village the first chance she got. Nobara promised to see the girls again one day again but a lot has happened in her life since then. As the effects of Idle Transfiguration take hold, Nobara wants everyone to know it wasn't so bad in the end.

Plot Details

Nobara asks to switch bags with Fumi.

Fumi, a childhood friend Nobara's moved into their small village on the countryside about the same time that she started grade school. Everyone in her class had either a red or black backpack, making her light blue one stand out. However, young Nobara wanted the light blue one, approaching Fumi for a trade, beginning their friendship.

Fumi got her backpack back after school with Nobara kicking her own away out of annoyance after beating up some boys for a jump rope. After that, Nobara stopped by Fumi's house to play super smash brothers with her dad all the time. Nobara didn't like the people in the village and only really hung out with Fumi.

All Fumi can remember from Saori moving away is Nobara crying.

Their village was so small that it's harder to be a stranger than it is to make friends. At first, Fumi thought that could be a good thing but Nobara didn't like it. Several years later she was brought red bean rice to celebrate her womanhood by a neighbor. This made her uncomfortable and helped her understand why Nobara didn't like it in the small town.

One day while they were still kids, Nobara took Fumi to her "secret base". This place was actually a girl name Saori's house. Saori was older than Fumi and moved into the village after her. Saori was always home and would welcome Nobara and Fumi every time they would randomly visit. Fumi believed Nobara changed after meeting Saori, becoming more refined.

After several incidents where villagers vandalized her home, Saori moved out of the village. All Fumi remembers about saying goodbye to Saori is Nobara's messy crying face. It was the first time she saw Nobara cry and so she wasn't able to retain much else.

Nobara promising to see Fumi again before departing for Tokyo Jujutsu High.

In June of 2018, Nobara got the approval to transfer to a school in Tokyo. Nobara's grandmother resisted the decision, causing her to enroll late. Nobara and Fumi met to say their goodbyes as the former prepared to board a train out of town. Excited to escape the village, Nobara made it a point that she would never return. Fumi was disappointed that Nobara didn't shed tears for her as she did for Saori. This selfish line of thinking was so embarrassing and guilt-inducing for Fumi that it made it hard for her to speak at the time. They had not even spoken about Saori since the day she left.

Nobara gets Fumi's attention and tells her that when they reunite, the three of them should all be together. Nobara blushes from the influx of emotions and after a moment, Fumi cries and agrees with her.

In the present day, Saori works in an office during the late hours of the night. Her co-worker points out something dangerous is happening in Shibuya but Saori ignores it. Saori tells her about her time on the countryside and how she met a young girl named Nobara. If Nobara and Fumi saw her today, Saori thinks they would be disappointed.

"It wasn't so bad!"

Meanwhile, Nobara holds her face and recalls everyone in the village being crazy. She used to believe that lots of people were crazy and got in the way of other people's lives. That was until she attended Tokyo Jujutsu High and learned that being crazy isn't so bad after all. She pictures the images of all her friends and apologizes to Fumi for being unable to meet her again in the future.

Nobara looks at Yuji's concerned face and tells him to make sure everyone knows it wasn't so bad. Just then, Nobara's face swells up around her left eye and bursts from the effects of Idle Transfiguration. Yuji watches in horror as Nobara's eye comes violently out of her head and her blood splatters on his face.

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