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The Shibuya Incident, Part 41 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 41?) is the one hundred and twenty-third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Mahito and his double continue fighting against the Jujutsu High students. Yuji quickly loses the upper hand while Nobara uses Mahito's overconfidence against him. The special grade curse is forced to discover that Yuji isn't his only natural enemy.

Plot Details

Mahito continues needlessly killing humans to hurt Yuji.

At 11:14 PM, After Nanami left Nobara and Akari behind, the first-year student refused to leave with the paramedic's team. They didn't tell Nobara Shoko Ieiri was in Shibuya so she didn't do something reckless. However, she ignored Nanami's orders to stay out of the incident and went off alone because she can't just run away while everyone else keeps fighting.

Currently, somewhere closer to 11:20 PM inside the station, Mahito skewers three innocent civilians and uses them to attack Yuji as he comes up the stairs. He playfully wonders if he should've asked Dagon to leave more humans around but quickly dismisses it. Yuji checks on the condition of one of the injured people only for them to transfigure and explode. The blood gets in Yuji's eyes, leaving him vulnerable to an attack from behind. Mahito transforms his arm into a spiked club and prepares to finish him.

Nobara appears to fight a losing battle.

Meanwhile, in the alley nearby, Mahito is still clashing with Nobara. She avoids his hands but Mahito's double can't transfigure other souls anyway. This double attacks by transfiguring himself since this isn't Yuji and he doesn't incur any risk. Nobara tries to trade blows but her methods appear ineffective. Mahito points this out to his opponent but Nobara proclaims she has to try anyway, boring the cursed spirit.

Mahito casually avoids Nobara's projectile nails as she climbs up the side of the alley onto a higher platform. She drops several nails at Mahito's feet and detonates them with Hairpin before coming back down, confusing Mahito with her movements. While he's focused on Nobara, she activates Hairpin again and her cursed energy extends them into Mahito's lower body, immobilizing him. Mahito realizes the first explosion was simply to point the nails upright, putting them in the perfect position.

Nobara uses Mahito's body to hit his soul with Resonance.

Nobara mounts Mahito while he's injured but he doesn't see any potential danger regardless. However, unbeknownst to the special grade, Nobara has figured out a way to attack his soul. Mahito realizes Nobara was bluffing about not having a plan too late. She hammers a nail directly into his forehead and activates Resonance. By using Mahito's body as the effigy, Nobara can use her cursed technique to attack his soul. As a result, Resonance also relays from the double to the original soul and rebounds the damage back, greatly injuring them both.

Nobara figures out her opponent is just a double.

Mahito's sudden injury stops him from finishing Yuji off. Yuji manages to open his eyes and even recognizes Nobara's needles sticking out of the curse's chest. Mahito's double is shocked and realizes that Yuji isn't his only natural enemy. The girl of steel standing before him can attack his soul as well.

Nobara reveals that she felt her cursed energy activate somewhere else nearby. Additionally, she doesn't feel Mahito's cursed energy is as strong as it should be and he didn't grab her when he had the opportunity. She surmises that this Mahito is simply a double that can't properly use his innate technique. Amused, Mahito licks the blood dripping from his face and admits his adversary is completely correct.

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