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The Shibuya Incident, Part 40 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 40?) is the one hundred and twenty-second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji and Mahito's clash in Shibuya Station continues. Unbeknownst to Yuji, Mahito split himself into two entities earlier and the other Mahito is fighting Nobara elsewhere in Shibuya. Mahito plans to use her to break his rival's spirit for good.

Plot Details

Yuji chasing Mahito through the station.

Mahito and Yuji continue fighting in Shibuya Station. The cursed spirit attempts to slash Yuji at the Dogenzaka Ticket Gate but the latter jumps over the attack.

After missing, Mahito runs through the station and uses delayed transfiguration to catch Yuji off guard. Yuji avoids it again and Mahito follows up with a punching attack from a large, enhanced, extra arm wrapped around his torso. Yuji catches the attack and Mahito immediately recognizes the danger this presents.

Mahito attacks from inside an innocent civilian to sucker punch Yuji.

Yuji counterattacks but Mahito dismembers his own arm, transfiguring it with legs so they can both escape. Mahito runs through the ticket gates and merges back with the severed arm once they're at a safe distance.

Yuji takes note that Mahito has unlocked a few new tricks since the last time they came to blows. Mahito knows attacking directly is a big risk for him so he decides to stick to using transfigured humans. However, reducing risk isn't the only reason for this strategy.

Mahito runs to a different area in the station and disappears from Yuji's sight. The young student gets spotted by two civilians who warn him it's too dangerous to be lurking around.

Mahito splits into two selves.

Yuji believes Mahito ran upstairs and tries to tell the two non-sorcerers to hide. Suddenly, Mahito's arm appears from inside one of their mouths and punches Yuji. The special grade climbs out of the man as if he was shedding his skin and transforms the other civilian into a sword, angering Yuji. Mahito tells his adversary to work on his imagination, hoping to crush his spirit. In order to achieve that end, Mahito has one more trick to play as well.

Nobara fights the other Mahito.

Nearly two hours ago on Shibuya Station B4F, Dagon consumed numerous civilians. This was around the time Mahito, Choso, and Jogo began their hunt for Yuji. In order to find Yuji first, Mahito split into two of himself and blocked off his competition. Presently, Mahito's other self encounters Nobara in an alleyway. She recognizes him from past reports from Yuji. Mahito takes it as a compliment that he's famous but Nobara claims he's only known for being a coward and fleeing.

Amused, Mahito decides to kill her, and Nobara fights because she doesn't have anything to show for the incident so far. She tries to remember what it was like to unleash Black Flash, attempting to tap into the core of cursed energy. In a short exchange, Nobara manages to get the better of Mahito using clever explosions of her pins and the environment around them. He admits that she isn't bad but doesn't believe her attacks can actually harm him. The cursed spirit understands that Nobara is an ally of Yuji and plans to bring her corpse to him and destroy his soul.

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