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The Shibuya Incident, Part 39 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 39?) is the one hundred and twenty-first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The rivalry based in hatred between Yuji and Mahito has reached a fever pitch once again. Yuji has someone else dear to him taken away by Mahito. When fighting out of rage and anger fails as it did last time, Yuji realizes he must remain calm as Nanami would and prove he is a true jujutsu sorcerer.

Plot Details

Mahito sends a transfigured human at Yuji.

Yuji rushes Mahito, ready to take revenge for his fallen mentor. Mahito calmly flicks a small transfigured human at Yuji and transforms it into one that can protrude spikes from its head. Yuji avoids the spike attacks but Mahito uses the transfigured human to get behind Yuji and prepare his Soul Multiplicity technique.

Soul Multiplicity allows Mahito to combine two or more souls. He follows up by unleashing Body Repel, a reaction due to the soul's rejection of the fusion. By utilizing this effect for his own advantage and increasing the soul's energy, Mahito can generate an overwhelming output of combined transfigured humans.


Mahito unleashes a long transfigured monster that attempts to bite Yuji with its giant mouth. Yuji successfully grips its teeth and stops the attack, but Mahito appears from inside its mouth and lands a violent right straight that smashes his opponent's face. Yuji grimaces more than usual because his face was split open by the attack. Mahito transfigured his hand to include a blunt square-shaped weapon right above his knuckles. Mahito claims he would've cracked Yuji's skull had he put a little more back into it.

Yuji asks how Mahito can toy so aimlessly with people's lives and the cursed spirit just laughs at him. Mahito doesn't look for a reason and he isn't remorseful in the slightest. The best answer Mahito can give him is a demonstration. He creates Junpei's face with one hand and stabs it with the other, claiming Yuji and him are the same, shocking the student. Mahito believes until Yuji accepts this fact, he'll never win.

"You are me."

Yuji tells Mahito he talks too much and that he'll ensure that these are his dying words. He removes the blood from his face, stopping the bleeding and revealing a large scar. Nanami's voice reminds Yuji that he must remain calm as his mentor would. He takes his fighting stance, allowing cursed energy to flow calmly from his hands as he's determined to prove that he is a jujutsu sorcerer!

Taido Martial Arts: Manji Kick!

Mahito matches Yuji by concentrating cursed energy into his own fists while contemplating his strategy. Idle Transfiguration doesn't work on Yuji so Mahito decides maintaining his body's toughness is likely what Yuji believes is best for him. Instead, Mahito won't change his soul's shape at all while maintaining maximum strength with pure cursed energy reinforcement. He plans to stab through Yuji's heart in one attack, but when his fist pierces through the air, Yuji suddenly disappears from his sight.

Yuji is a master of hand-to-hand combat, particularly Taido Martial Arts. Knee Release is an ancient fighting technique that eliminates starting movement. Yuji not only releases his knees, but his hips, and shoulders as well to guide him quickly to his opponent's feet. Using the momentum from getting to this lower position, Yuji strikes Mahito in the face with Manji Kick!

Yuji follows up by front kicking Mahito back but the curse quickly transforms his arm into a spiked vine to force Yuji back. Impressed, Mahito admits that Yuji's technique wasn't bad and announces it's time to move onto round two.

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