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The Shibuya Incident, Part 38 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 38?) is the one hundred and twentieth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji regains control over his body only to witness the aftermath of all the destruction from Sukuna's merciless rampage. He initially breaks down emotionally but quickly realizes he must act in order to redeem himself. Meanwhile, Nanami has survived his previous battles, but he's heavily injured and delirious. He makes his last stand against a swarm of transfigured humans and reluctantly reunites with a familiar foe.

Plot Details

What remains of Shibuya after Sukuna's rampage.

Sukuna returns to the area in front of Shibuya 109 after dropping off Megumi at the Shibuya Tollgate to be medically treated. With his grip over Yuji's body loosening, Sukuna switches control back over to the brat and tells him to "take a good look."

When Sukuna's marks disappear and Yuji regains consciousness, he's faced with a wasteland that used to be Dogenzaka. There's a skyline in the distance, but a grand portion of Shibuya has been destroyed.

Haruta Shigemo's corpse is in plain view as the first thing for Yuji to see as well. Initially dumbfounded, Yuji collapses as memories from Sukuna's rampage invade his mind. He vomits and cries after realizing that Sukuna murdered several people including Mimiko and Nanako and heavily endangered his friends and colleagues.

"At this rate... I'm nothing but a murderer."

The distressed student recalls asking why he had to be executed upon initially deciding to enroll at Jujutsu High. As tears fall from his eyes and Yuji huffs for air, he tells himself to just die already. He begins frantically scratching the ground and continuing to tell himself to die as his grandfather's words play in his head. Suddenly, Yuji stops and sits still for a moment, raising his head and declaring that he needs to move, that he needs to fight. Yuji believes at this rate, he'll be nothing but a murderer, placing him into a state of cold focus.

Meanwhile, there is a telephone ringing inside Shibuya Station. Right down the corridor from it is grade 1 sorcerer Nanami. Despite being severely injured by Dagon's Death Swarm and Jogo's flames, he's still alive and walking around with his sword. The left half of his body is completely scorched, including that entire side of his face. He walks past a photo booth while traversing slowly down the hallway. After Nanami passes by, the curtain inside the booth opens, revealing Mahito inside. He watches Nanami move through the station until the sorcerer encounters a large group of transfigured humans.

Nanami's last stand.

After descending the stairs and coming face to face with the swarm, Nanami begins to daydream about Malaysia. He wishes he could have built a house on a secluded beach and read the countless books he never got around to finishing. Rather than going through those books page by page as if he was reclaiming time, Nanami is looking for Megumi. He's not sure how Maki or Naobito have fared and admits to himself that he's just tired.

Nanami asks himself if he's done enough already, but continues to fight. He ferociously slices through the transfigured humans with his blunt sword until a familiar hand touches his chest. Nanami looks up to see Mahito and claims he didn't know the cursed spirit was around. Mahito replies that he's been here the whole time and asks if the 7:3 sorcerer would like to chat since they go way back.

Yuji finds himself directing his rage and hate at Mahito once again.

Instead of replying, Nanami looks down and speaks with Yu Haibara. Nanami wonders why he came back to being a sorcerer with just a vague reason for it being worthwhile, asking Haibara what he was trying to do. An illusion, or perhaps Haibara's spirit appears and points Nanami to his right. Nanami looks over to find Yuji entering the station right down the hall. Mahito is amused to see him and Nanami tells Haibara that he doesn't want to end up cursing the young man.

In his last moments, Nanami smiles at his protégé and tells him that he's got it from here. Mahito promptly kills Nanami by totally destroying the top half of his body, shocking Yuji. Enraged in the next moment, Yuji screams and demands to know what Mahito is, rushing at him to fight. Further entertained, Mahito tells his adversary he can hear just fine without the yelling, preparing for their fated rematch.

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Mahito's Techniques

Cursed Tools

  • Nanami's Blunt Sword.