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Pushing Forward ( (まい) (しん) Maishin?) is the twelfth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Evil spirits hatch a plan to take down Satoru Gojo. Meanwhile, the students of Jujutsu High prepare for the coming trials. Megumi and Nobara focus on improving their weaknesses with Maki, while Gojo sensei hopes that he can improve on Yuji's strengths.

Plot Details

The cursed spirit, Jogo is excited to learn that his associate, Pseudo-Geto is in possession of the taboo object: Prison Realm. Geto warns Jogo to calm down due to the increasing heat in the room.

Megumi apologizes for being unable to save Tadashi.

One of the waiters in the restaurant notices the killer aura surrounding Geto despite being unable to see the curses. He's a responsible man, but he leaves the restaurant out of a pure primal sense of fear. The heat accidentally kills the manager, irritating Geto. Jogo makes it worse by incinerating the remaining humans in the building.

Jogo asks Geto to gauge his strength based on Sukuna's fingers. Geto says he's about eight or nine strong and the confidence goes straight to Jogo's volcanic head. The curse proposes that he kill Satoru Gojo alone and get the prison realm as a reward.

Megumi visits Tadashi's mother and admits he wasn't sure about saving the inmates at first. His friends thought otherwise but were still unable to recover Tadashi's body. Megumi takes out Tadashi's nametag and gives it to the mother. He bows and sincerely apologizes for being unable to save Tadashi's life.

Make dedicates herself to training Megumi.

Megumi returns to school late for a training session with his peers. Maki, Panda, and Toge focus on training Megumi and Nobara at improving their close-range fighting capabilities. Meanwhile, Gojo sensei decides its time to teach Yuji how to preform jujutsu sorcery.

Yuji expresses his gratefulness to be learning jujutsu from the strongest jujutsu sorcerer. He was too weak to help before and says he wants to be stronger when he faces his friends again. Satoru uses soda cans as an example of cursed energy vs. cursed techniques. Cursed energy is used to blast the can, but a cursed technique concentrates that energy to twist the can.

Gojo training Yuji to harness cursed energy.

The ability for human's to use jujutsu is based solely on innate talent, which Yuji possesses none of. In due time, Gojo sensei hopes he can teach Yuji to master Sukuna's techniques. For now, Satoru focuses on teaching Yuji on using cursed energy to improve his physical offense.

Yuji managed to channel cursed energy before when facing the cursed womb spirit. He's unable to do so now because he lacks control over the emotions necessary to utilize it. While Megumi continues physical training with Maki, Gojo hopes to help Yuji control his emotions by watching movies.

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