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The Shibuya Incident, Part 37 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 37?) is the one hundred and nineteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Having correctly analyzed Mahoraga and deduced it's abilities, Sukuna launches his counterattack! Sukuna uses all the powers he's displayed so far to bring down the uncontrollable shikigami and save Megumi. However, in the wake of the battles, Yuji is left with the gruesome aftermath.

Plot Details

"A truly divine technique."

Sukuna's technique is divided into two types of slashing attacks. The default slash, "Dismantle", and the other "Cleave". The latter can be adjusted using cursed energy to cut down the Sukuna's target in one fell swoop.

Malevolent Shrine, unlike other Domain Expansions, does not manifest a separate space using a barrier. Manifesting one's innate domain without a barrier is akin to painting a masterpiece on air without a canvas, a truly divine technique.

Sukuna relentlessly slashing and slicing Mahoraga.

By allowing an escape route from the domain using a Binding Vow, Sukuna increases the guaranteed hit area its nearly two-hundred meter radius. He narrows down the effective range to one hundred and forty meters to avoid hitting Megumi but mercilessly slashes the rest of that area of Shibuya apart.

Civilians who were hiding out nearby after being rescued by Toge Inumaki are violently torn to pieces. Dismantle is used on inanimate objects while anything with cursed energy within range is hit with Cleave. While Malevolent Shrine is active Sukuna's slashing attacks relentlessly cut down everything within its guaranteed hit's effective range.

Sukuna puts an end to the exorcism ritual.

Almost two hundred meters of Shibuya is decimated in an instant by Sukuna's attack. Sukuna surmises the only way to defeat Mahoraga is to kill it with a new attack before it can recover. However, Mahoraga has not only adapted to Dismantle but to slashing attacks in general. This means Mahoraga will recover soon and Sukuna needs to act quickly. He activates his mysterious flame technique again and shoots a fire arrow at the shikigami before it heals. The impact creates a giant pillar of explosive flames that completely decimates Mahoraga.

Haruta Shigemo's luck runs out.

Shigemo watches in amazement, appearing to be just out of Sukuna's range. The King of Curses walks back to Megumi with Mahoraga's wheel in hand. He throws the eight-handled wheel past Shigemo and it disintegrates shortly after, solidifying Sukuna's victory.

Annoyed, Sukuna asks Shigemo what he's looking at and tells him to disappear from sight. Feeling extremely lucky, Shigemo runs off excited to have escaped another dangerous situation alive. His innate technique stores little miracles from every day that is erased from his memory. Miracles are released to save Shigemo's life when he's in danger. The markings under his eyes show how many miracles are stored but he's not even aware of how it works.

Believing he's escaped the day with his life, Shigemo runs off. However, his body suddenly slides apart, revealing he's been cut by the effects of Sukuna's attack as well. The curse user's luck had run out fighting against Kento Nanami. His body gruesomely falls into two separate pieces and Shigemo dies.

As Sukuna walks off without remorse, he can feel himself losing control and decides to take Megumi to where Shoko Ieiri and Principal Yaga are. Sukuna disappears as quickly as he appears and Masamichi only spots him for a second, questioning if it was Sukuna or Yuji. Sukuna releases control over Yuji's body allows the young student to see the chaos that was unleashed in his stead.

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