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The Shibuya Incident, Part 36 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 36?) is the one hundred and eighteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In order to rescue Megumi, Sukuna faces the out-of-control shikigami Mahoraga in battle! While Sukuna gains the upper hand early, but he quickly realizes Mahoraga's ability to adapt is nothing to scoff at. Mahoraga may have been able to defeat Sukuna if Megumi had summoned it when they first met, but ten fingers later the King of Curses can showcase his true power.

Plot Details

Sukuna blocks Mahoraga's blade.

Mahoraga attacks, swinging down the blade attached to its fist. Sukuna blocks the blade with his forearm, creating a shockwave that knocks Shigemo off balance.

Sukuna notices the blade is emitting strange energy and flips out of the way before it breaks through his defense. While upsidedown in mid-air, Sukuna delivers a flurry of left-handed punches. He lands and follows up by unleashing his cursed technique, Dismantle, which slices the shikigami's body all over.

While Mahoraga recovers from the heavy blow, Sukuna recognizes the specialized blade as a cursed tool for cursed spirits; the Sword of Extermination. The blade is enveloped in positive energy similar to what's produced by a reverse cursed technique. If Sukuna was a normal cursed spirit he would've been sliced clean through by his adversary.

Sukuna loses the upper hand and gets sent crashing through several buildings.

The eight-handled wheel on Mahoraga's head turns, suddenly healing all its wounds. Sukuna quickly attacks again but this time his slashing technique is deflected by Mahoraga, surprising him.

Mahoraga swings its blade again and Sukuna prepares to block, but this time it's immediately broken and he's sent crashing through several buildings from the impact. Sukuna ends up smashing through the last wall into an office. Amused, Sukuna admits his opponent isn't bad. In an instant, Mahoraga clears the giant area it just hit Sukuna across to follow up with another attack.

"The ability to adapt to any and all phenomena!".

Mahoraga attempts to stab Sukuna in the face but he jumps above the blade, kicking his opponent at the same time. Sukuna mounts his giant opponent's arm and places his palm on the shikigami's face, stating that it's his turn now. Sukuna activates his slashing technique, slicing the entire office building in half. The impact sends the shikigami falling out of the structure only for Sukuna to follow up and kick it straight into the ground.

Sukuna lands beside his recovering opponent and assumes it will heal again based on his observations. The eight-handled wheel turns and all of Mahoraga's injuries disappear just as Sukuna expected. Sukuna compares this ability to Yamata-no-Orochi. Mahoraga's first attack was reinforced positive energy. When that didn't work it adapted and reinforced its second attack with cursed energy. Additionally, it was able to see Sukuna's cursed technique and deflect it. Both of these things happened after the eight-handled wheel turned the first time. Furu's Incantation of the Ten Sacred Treasures and the eight-handled wheel represents a complete cycle and harmony. With this information, Sukuna deduces Mahoraga's technique allows it to adapt to any and all phenomena.

Sukuna admits that if Megumi had unleashed this creature when they fought the first time, it may have been able to beat him. He thanks Megumi for showing him the way and activates Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine!

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