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The Shibuya Incident, Part 35 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 35?) is the one hundred and seventeenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Clinging to life after being surprise attacked by the curse user Haruta Shigemo, Megumi unveils his last resort. He forces Shigemo into an unbeatable exorcism ritual against the out-of-control shikigami Mahoraga! Shigemo is obviously no match for the creature, but Sukuna comes to the rescue in order to ensure his plans for the young jujutsu student go uninhibited.

Plot Details

Megumi creating distance while explaining his technique to Shigemo.

Exhausted and injured, Megumi slowly walks away from his assailant. He tells Shigemo that the Ten Shadows Technique begins when the sorcerer who inherited the technique receives two Divine Dogs. In order to use other shikigami, they must be summoned and defeated by the sorcerer with the help of Divine Dogs. This allows the user to gain more shikigami, repeating this method until they can amass up to ten different ones.

Uninterested in Megumi's stalling, Shigemo asks if the young sorcerer is done talking yet. Megumi crosses the road away from the curse user, leaving a trail of blood behind from his injuries. Shigemo notices that Megumi isn't letting him get close despite being on his last legs. Even so, Shigemo feels like he won't even need to finish his adversary off. Moments later Megumi collapses and hits the ground with a hard thud, proving his point.

Satoru explains why the Zenin and Gojo clans hate each other.

Megumi struggles to get up, but he continues to divulge how the Ten Shadows Technique works. Other people can help the user with the exorcism ritual, but this will nullify the technique once the respective shikigami is defeated. This makes it a pointless exorcism, but even a pointless exorcism has its uses to Megumi.

At some point in the past, Gojo sensei explained to Megumi why the Zenin Family and the Gojo Family are on such bad terms. Hundreds of years ago, perhaps the Keicho Period, the heads of each household killed each other in battle. The Gojo Family head was a Limitless user with the Six Eyes, and the Zenin Family head possessed the Ten Shadows Technique. Satoru implied that Megumi could possibly rise to his level one day. However, in the present, Megumi still doesn't quite believe he could become stronger than his mentor.

Megumi summons the uncontrollable Mahoraga!

Megumi decides to use his last resort and believes the head of the household at that time that defeated the Six Eyes used the Ten Shadows Technique this way as well. Meanwhile, Jogo's Maximum: Meteor hits the ground in the distance, shaking the ground and getting Shigemo's attention. He asks himself who the showoff could be and Megumi redirects his attention back to his explanation.

Megumi finishes divulging his technique by revealing that a ten shadows technique user cannot use a shikigami unless it's been exorcised. However, they can be summoned at any time using an exorcism ritual. Shigemo turns back around and notices Megumi's sudden influx of cursed energy. The Tokyo Jujutsu High student claims that not a single Ten Shadows Technique user has ever been able to exorcise the shinigami he's about to bring forth.

"I'll be the first to pass on. Good luck."

Shigemo realizes his adversaries plan too late. Megumi summons the Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga, dragging his opponent into an unbeatable exorcism ritual. Shigemo realizes terms with the grim situation he's in. He must fight to survive with Megumi but the student is in no shape to fight. On his last legs, Megumi silently apologizes to Yuji and then tells Shigemo good luck before passing on.

Mahoraga hits Megumi aside, crashing his body into a nearby building and incapacitating him. Shigemo is shocked by Megumi's willingness to sacrifice himself and curses him for it, demanding the jujutsu sorcerer get back up and stop this cruel game. After defeating Jogo and encountering Uraume, Sukuna notices something is wrong. He feels this is urgent and leaves Uraume behind after telling them not to neglect their preparations. Sukuna disappears and Uraume says they'll be awaiting his return.

Sukuna saves the "trash" from Mahoraga in order to rescue Megumi.

Just before Mahoraga crushes Shigemo, Sukuna saves the curse user with immense speed. He reads the situation instantly and recognizes Megumi is in a suspended state of death. Sukuna was right to save Shigemo because he was dragged into the exorcism ritual. If the curse user were to die, Megumi Fushiguro would as well. To prevent this, Sukuna uses a reverse cursed technique to heal Megumi, telling him there's still something he needs the student to do. Shigemo wants to comment but Sukuna tells him to stay there and to stay quiet.

Sukuna surmises that in order to save Megumi, he needs to defeat the shikigami. Despite being an outsider of the ritual, exorcising Mahoraga will void the ritual completely. Sukuna takes his fighting pose and says he'd like to begin the battle with just a little taste.

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  • Although the official Viz English translation had "(I'll) see you later" for both Megumi and Sukuna's words, in the original Japanese version, they do not use the same words. Megumi says "Ato de na" while Sukuna says "Mata na." Sukuna's words translate more closely to "see you again" than "see you later."