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The Shibuya Incident, Part 34 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 34?) is the one hundred and sixteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Sukuna and Jogo's battle reaches its fiery climax! Although Jogo comes up short, he earns the acknowledgment of the King of Curses. Meanwhile, Megumi appears to be down for the count but a new combatant threatens to make sure Haruta Shigemo shares his fate.

Plot Details

Sukuna fights fire with fire.

Sukuna and Jogo stand atop the flaming remains of Maximum: Meteor. Sukuna creates an arrow of flames from his palms while Jogo swirls his flames into a small fireball made of his compressed energy. Sukuna takes aim by keeping the full-formed arrow between his fingers while Jogo stands across from him.

Jogo enters a fantasy alongside his deceased allies Hanami and Dagon. He apologizes to them and Hanami asks if Mahito is still alive. Death is something humans fear yet they linger beyond it. It is a mirror for humanity and Mahito is a manifestation of that reflection. He will continue to grow stronger and that's why Jogo propped him up as the leader. Jogo believes when they're all reborn, they'll become new entities. Despite this, he hopes all of them will be able to reunite someday.

"You stupid jujutsu sorcerer! Wake up!!"

Sticking to his ideology to the end, Jogo says that the cursed spirits are the true humans when Sukuna abruptly enters the fantasy. He asks Jogo if he wanted to become human. Sukuna knows Jogo means he wants curses to take the place of humans but he believes this is foolish. Jogo should have burned everything a cinder without a second thought to reach heights without ever being concerned about Satoru Gojo. Sukuna believes Jogo lacked the hunger to take hold of such desires, but even so, the battle still entertained the him.

Sukuna admits that compared to everyone he has fought over the last millennia, Jogo isn't bad. He commends Jogo, telling him to stand proud because he's strong. Acknowledged for his strength, Jogo sheds a tear and asks what's going on. Back in reality, Sukuna answers Jogo's smoldering corpse, claiming he doesn't know either. Immediately after, the curse user Uraume comes to escort Master Sukuna. Sukuna is surprised to see Uraume, recognizing them from the past.

Elsewhere at 11:07 P.M. Megumi is severely injured and Haruta Shigemo is faced with an all-new threat. Distressed, Shigemo demands Megumi wake up from his unconscious and bloodied state.

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