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The Shibuya Incident, Part 33 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 33?) is the one hundredth and fifteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The chaos created by Sukuna's battle with Jogo begins to affect a much larger area of Shibuya. The Kusakabe Team and their opposing curse users are caught up in the battle as well. After Jogo unleashes his maximum technique, Sukuna unveils a new unforeseen ability as well.


"The moonlight's illumination makes it easier to see how pathetic you are."

Dominating Jogo in their fight, Sukuna smacks his opponent across the air. He asks the cursed spirit if that's all he's got and Jogo replies not yet. Jogo prepares a fire attack by concentrating flames between his palms, but Sukuna uses his innate technique to slash Jogo's arms apart. While the cursed spirit is still reeling, Sukuna smashes his head in with a violent hammer fist. The impact sends Jogo crashing toward the ground but Sukuna catches up to him with a quick dive in order to smash his face directly into the top of a tall building. Sukuna and Jogo crash through all the floors of the skyscraper, severely injuring the latter.

As the moonlight shines through the broken roof to the building, Sukuna looks down on Jogo and says the Moon's illumination makes it easier to see how pathetic he is. As Jogo struggles to regenerate his dismantled jaw among other injures, he recalls Pseudo-Geto telling him his strength is comparable to Sukuna with eight or nine fingers absorbed. Despite knowing he'd be outmatched, Jogo contemplates to himself that he didn't expect the difference in their strength to be this great.

Kusakabe cuts down the pursuing curse users.

Sukuna suddenly appears behind Jogo, surprising him and interrupting his train of thought. The King of Curses grabs his opponent's collar and lifts him up as he tells him to keep going until the fun stops. Flames erupt from all the forcefully opened holes in the building, further destroying the structure. Sukuna escapes out into the street and Jogo follows him, attacking his strongest cursed technique: Maximum: Meteor!

The Kusakabe Team and the curse users around them notice the battle going on nearby. Kusakabe and Panda attempt to flee and are intercepted by Negi and Suda's henchmen. Suda tells the underlings they don't have time to fight but Kusakabe quickly cuts them down with New Shadow Style: Batto Sword Drawing!

Sukuna forces all the sorcerers to wait for Maximum: Meteor.

Kusakabe tells the remaining curse users they need to flee and get away from the fighting special grades. He compares them to elephants tap-dancing among ants. However, Sukuna appears next to Kusakabe in an instant and says he won't allow any human to run.

Sukuna declares that all humans in his vicinity aren't allowed to move until he says so, or else he will kill them. All the sorcerers forced to watch as the Maximum Meteor follows Sukuna and draws closer to killing them all. A few moments later Sukuna finally lets them all run, clapping with a playful smile as the signal.

Sukuna begins fighting using Jogo's specialty.

Maximum Meteor crashes into Shibuya, decimating the area of the battle with the impact. Tired from unleashing his maximum technique, Jogo stands atop the Meteor huffing for air. After catching his breath, Jogo smirks and says even an attack that powerful must have injured Sukuna. However, Sukuna's voice tells Jogo that would only be the case if it hit.

Sukuna appears sitting beside him as if he was never in danger. He asks Jogo why he won't use Domain Expansion. Jogo admits that he would lose in a domain struggle between them and Sukuna believes his lack of confidence stems from losing to Satoru Gojo.

Entertained, Sukuna stands up and suggests he begin fighting using Jogo's specialty. Sukuna commands "■" to open allowing him to manipulate flames as well. Jogo is confused, prompting Sukuna to realize a cursed spirit wouldn't understand this technique. Sukuna tells Jogo to get ready for a fire-power battle.

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