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The Shibuya Incident, Part 32 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 32?) is the one hundredth and thirteenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


After fighting several battles in a row, Megumi doesn't even have a moment to himself as another curse user attacks him. Meanwhile, Kusakabe and Panda also run into a pair of curse users. However, a grand battle between two special grades takes precedence over all the chaos.

Plot Details

After just finishing a fight, Megumi is attacked again from behind.

Megumi kneels down and examines the body of his deceased opponent. He notices that his face changed back into Ogami's grandson and admits he was lucky his this man decided to commit suicide.

Megumi thinks about what Naobito said about "Toji" and what his opponent said about rejecting the "Zenins." However, Megumi is still injured from the fight and decides he needs to go see Shoko Ieiri as soon as possible. That's his initial thought, but then Megumi reminds himself that he needs to check on Maki and her team first.

Suddenly, Megumi is slashed from behind by the curse user Haruta Shigemo. Shigemo's nose and teeth are still broken from his fight with Nanami, but he's alive and moving. He's excited to be back attacking people who can't defend themselves, admitting he's better suited for that type of combat.

Larue breaks up a fight between Suguru Geto's family.

Meanwhile, the Kusakabe Team wanders aimlessly around Shibuya. By 11:01 P.M. they're in front of Shibuya Stream checking out random buildings. Panda implores his teacher to hurry and find Satoru and would go by himself but he's unsure of where Fukushotin Line B5F is. Toge Inumaki confirmed he relocated all the civilians somewhere safe and that Satoru Gojo has been sealed. Panda believes they need to hurry but Kusakabe keeps coming up with excuses to keep Panda's urgency at bay.

Kusakabe doesn't want to die fighting special grades so he wants to keep buying time. The number of people thinning out might lead Panda to B5F despite his horrible sense of direction. The platform is literally around the corner from where they are but Kusakabe is determined to waste more time pretending to be lost after entering the Shin-Minami entrance. Panda could end up going by himself but Kusakabe doesn't want to be alone in Shibuya either.

Kusakabe relishes in the opportunity to fight non-special grades.

The Kusakabe Team is interrupted by the appearance of two curse users: Manami Suda and Toshihisa Negi. They're two former commanders of Suguru Geto and three of their foot soldiers are behind Kusakabe and Panda as well. Negi tells them to give up because he doesn't want to kill other sorcerers. In contrast, Kusakabe relishes the opportunity to fight other sorcerers because it can buy him more time. He asks for the curse user's motivations and says to take as much time as they want.

Manami reveals that they've inherited Suguru Geto's will. She and Negi intend on helping Pseudo-Geto despite Mimiko and Nanako's misgivings. The remains of Suguru's "family" had a falling out because the two girls wanted to kill Pseudo Geto while Negi and Manami wanted to help him. Larue broke up the fight and believed neither side was wrong. They all agreed to go their separate ways but Larue reminded them that the day will come when this family will break bread again.

"Is that all you got cursed spirt!!"

At the conclusion of Manami's story, she asks if Kusakabe surrenders. Kusakabe is disappointed the story finished quickly. He's still happy the situation is too good to pass up. Not intimidated by curse users of this level, Kuakabe wants to take advantage of the situation and stay away from any real danger. Kusakabe activates New Shadow Style: Evening Moon Sword Drawing. Negi takes that as this adversary's answer and begins to active a technique of his own.

Their fight is abruptly interrupted by an explosion that detonates an entire building behind Negi, surprising all the sorcerers. This is the result of a battle between Sukuna and Jogo. The former pummels Jogo through the air and dominates their fight. As the latter falls injured with blood spilling from his mouth, Sukuna asks if that's all he's got.

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Atsuya Kusakabe's Techniques

  • New Shadow Style: Evening Mood Sword Drawing

Cursed Tools

  • Haruta Shigemo's Hand-Sword