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The Shibuya Incident, Part 30 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 30?) is the one hundredth and twelfth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Jogo does the best he can with his opportunity and feeds all the Sukuna fingers in his possession to Yuji. This successfully revives Sukuna for a temporary time period, but the King of Curses isn't to help inclined anyone. Still appreciative of the offerings, Sukuna decides to hear whatever Nanako, Mimiko, and Jogo have to ask of him.

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Jogo finishes force-feeding all ten of Sukuna's fingers in his possession to Yuji. He believes Yuji has consumed fifteen fingers overall but his train of thought is interrupted by the sound of a cough.

Jogo looks over to see Mimiko and Nanako. They're alive but they didn't manage to escape the station completely. Jogo also notices their faces indicate they're afraid and surmises that they likely can't use another cursed technique to get out of harm's way. The cursed spirit is too focused on the curse users and doesn't even realize the hand holding Yuji's face has been cut off.

Jogo and the girls are both shocked as an ominous voice demands Jogo move within one second. Jogo darts away to position himself next to the Hasaba sisters. They're all nervous and sweating from the King of Curses' overwhelming presence. Jogo notices that in comparison to Satoru Gojo, Sukuna's aura is filled with overpowering malice. Nanako believes even one movement will result in instant death. She tells herself to just breathe, but she's unsure if even that is safe.

Jogo, Mimiko, and Nanako are forced to prostrate themselves in Sukuna's presence.

Sukuna faces them and says they're holding their heads a little too high to be standing before him. The girls prostrate themselves and Jogo gets down on one knee. Jogo's body moved on its own, but it's not low enough. Sukuna's technique creates a giant gash in the wall behind the trio that cuts off the top of Jogo's head. The cursed spirit begins to bleed profusely across his face and Sukuna tells him one knee is still too high. Sukuna adds that the boughs that bear most hang lowest but Jogo's head doesn't bear much at all now.

Sukuna walks up to the girls and asks them if there is anything he'd like to ask them. Nanako uses the chance to ask Sukuna if he can free Suguru Geto by killing the person inhabiting his body. Nanako and Mimiko loved Suguru and even though Satoru Gojo killed him, they were still best friends. They're fine with allowing Satoru to exist but they want Pseudo-Geto to die and regret what he's done. Nanako claims to know where another finger is and will tell Sukuna in exchange for helping them.

Nanako recalls her time with Master Geto as she asks Sukuna to free him.

Sukuna tells the girls to raise their heads and gives them a smirk. Suddenly, Mimiko's head is severed in a very violent fashion. Displeased, Sukuna asks if Nanako thought she could order him around just for a few fingers. Nanako's sister's blood splatters all over his face and she desperately calls out to her in anguish. Desperate for revenge, Nanako aims her cellphone camera at Sukuna and attempts to activate her innate technique. Sukuna activates his first and slices the top half of Nanako's head clean off. He follows up by dismantling her entire body into tiny cubes, slicing her into nothing but a gruesome spray of blood.

Sukuna challenges Jogo to battle.

Sukuna catches Nanako's phone and surmises that the camera is connected to her cursed technique. He guesses it must be related to photographic manipulation and judges it as a boring technique. Sukuna says Jogo is next and asks what he needs. However, Jogo doesn't claim to need anything. This confuses Sukuna and Jogo clarifies his objective is simply to fully revive him. Jogo implores Sukuna to make a binding vow that will let him take over Yuji's body permanently using his friends as leverage. Sukuna refuses and reveals he has his own plans, surprising Jogo.

Amused by the cursed spirit's desperation, Sukuna offers a token of his appreciation for the ten fingers. He challenges Jogo to land even one hit on him in a fight. If Jogo can achieve this, Sukuna agrees to work with his group for now and kill every human in Shibuya except for one. Jogo willingly accepts the deal and prepares for a jujutsu battle.

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