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The Shibuya Incident, Part 29 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 29?) is the one hundredth and eleventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Toji effortlessly defeats Dagon, but the jujutsu sorcerers' problems are far from over. Megumi is taken away from the group and the others are suddenly burnt alive by a vengeful Jogo. Before he can finish them off for good, Jogo notices Sukuna's presence in Shibuya.

Plot Details

Toji makes short work of Dagon.

Toji pierces Dagon's face, stabbing him clean through the head with the sharpened Playful Cloud. Dagon believes he can still fight, but Toji brutally threads Playful Cloud through Dagon's head and stabs him in the eye as well. Then he breaks the chain connecting the three-section staff together and rapidly uses both sharpened sides to obliterate Dagon.

The domain is dispelled and Maki is shocked that the lone fighter was able to exorcise such a powerful cursed spirit singlehandedly. Megumi is exhausted from holding his domain for so long and takes the moment to catch his breath. Nanami knows that if Megumi hadn't shown they would have all been killed but now they have a new problem, they can't be sure if Toji is on their side or not.

Jogo suddenly arrives to avenge Dagon.

Toji is still fighting on instinct as a puppet of incarnate, baring his fangs at the strongest around. Megumi may be exhausted but he's by far the least injured. Toji drags him outside the station in an instant by breaking through the corridor window. Before Megumi can even process what was happening, he finds himself outside on the road. Megumi lands safely but he looks across the street at his opponent with a surprised expression. He claims this ridiculously level of speed even surpasses Sukuna's from back when they fought.

Maki yells out of concern for Megumi, but she's interrupted by a new presence behind her. Jogo arrives to mourn Dagon, picking up his exorcised ashes and bids farewell to his friend. Heavily injured, Naobito and Nanami find it unfair that immediately after fighting Dagon they're faced with a new curse that far surpasses him. Jogo tells Dagon to leave the rest to him and that he looks forward to their reunion in the wastelands a hundred years in the future.

Jogo claims Nanami, Maki, and Naobito as his victims.

Onto the next subject, Jogo looks back over his shoulder with a menacing glare that fills the room with his malice. Within a second, Jogo has his palm placed on Nanami's waist. He says "that's one" and blasts Nanami with an explosive wave of cursed flames. Before Maki can even yell out Nanami's name in concern, Jogo lights her aflame as well. He says "that's two" and moves to claim a third victim. However, Naobito gets behind Jogo, surprising the curse with his speed.

Naobito's innate technique: Projection Sorcery, divides a single second into twenty-four frames and uses his field of view as the projection's angle of view. By doing so, Naobito can trace a predetermined set of movements to perform within those twenty-four frames. Additionally anything touched by Naobito's plan who does not abide by "24 FPS" rule while moving will be frozen inside an animation frame for one second. The predetermined set of movements cannot be adjusted once started and it's trajectory cannot excessively ignore the laws of physics. Naobito was born with a natural sense of strategic timing and movement. So much so, he was deemed the fastest jujutsu sorcerer excluding Satoru Gojo. That being said, this was when Naobito still had both arms.

Jogo is interrupted by a powerful surge of Sukuna's presence.

Two small volcanic openings suddenly appear behind Naobito. He can't avoid the crossing heatwaves in time and is heavily burnt by Jogo's technique. Jogo says "that's three" and prepares to finish Naobito off. Sukuna's strong presence abruptly gives Jogo chills and immediately grabs his attention. He surmises a finger has been released somewhere nearby and goes off to search for it.

Meanwhile, Nanako Hasaba and Mimiko find Yuji's unconscious body in the aftermath of his fight with Choso. They force feed him one of Sukuna's fingers and Jogo finds them soon after. Annoyed, he demands to know how many fingers they fed him and the girls flee using Nanako's cursed technique.

While Sukuna's marks still remain on Yuji's face, Jogo decides to make the best of the situation. Pseudo-Geto informed Jogo beforehand that if Yuji ate a finger a day for twenty days he probably wouldn't lose control of his body to Sukuna despite devouring all twenty of his fingers. In contrast, feeding Yuji ten fingers at once might temporarily force him to lose control. Jogo takes out a small scroll of ten Sukuna fingers and tells the King of Curses that it's time to wake up.

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