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The Shibuya Incident, Part 28 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 28?) is the one hundredth and tenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Acting on pure instinct, as a puppet of carnage, Toji Fushiguro bears his fangs at Dagon. The other sorcerers can only sit back and watch in amazement as a man with no cursed energy completely annihilates everything the special grade cursed spirit throws at him.

Plot Details

Toji effortlessly rips Playful Cloud from Maki's hands.

Toji makes his way into Dagon's domain through the hole Megumi made in the barrier. Surprised, Megumi looks up at the man floating in the air and asks himself who this person could be. Maki notices the intruder is a human jujutsu sorcerer and Dagon wonders why his adversaries would let someone in rather than escape.

Toji disappears from mid-air, suddenly grabbing onto Playful Cloud with blinding speed. Not only that, but Maki notices his intense grip as well while she's also holding on to the weapon. Toji easily snatches the cursed tool from Maki, throwing her aside to arm himself with Playful Cloud. Maki didn't notice any cursed energy, so she's shocked that she actually lose an exchange of pure strength. Megumi reveals that the hole he opened in the barrier has been closed and it won't be easy to open another. Naobito is the only one among them who recognizes Toji. Upon uttering his name, Naobito notices the sclera of Toji's eyes filled completely black.

"He had become a puppet of carnage! Bearing his fangs... toward the strongest around!"

Though Granny Ogami's Séance Technique had the capability to continue after death, it was never meant to last forever. The technique is supposed to need when the host's cursed energy runs out. However, Ogami's grandson's soul did not possess cursed energy, and Toji's body that overwrote it does not consume cursed energy. Therefore, there is no signal for the séance to end and now it has run rampant. Toji can only fight completely on instinct until the vessel breaks. He is a puppet of carnage... bearing his fangs at the strongest around!

Toji takes a fighting stance to fight the cursed spirit with Playful Cloud. Dagon notices Toji has no cursed energy and says he's a waste of time. He summons a shikigami to attack but Toji obliterates it in a single swing. With incredible speed, Toji follows up with a barrage of three-section-staff strikes that injures Dagon's head and sends him flying back. Suprised, Dagon recognizes that he grossly underestimated Toji's superhuman speed and power. He tries to summon a swarm of numerous smaller shikigami to attack but Toji continues to get faster. While running on water like it's nothing, Toji effortlessly rushes through all the fish, striking them apart with the cursed tool on his way to attack Dagon.

Playful Cloud is pure and solid power. It's strength depends on that of the user.

Dagon summons his hardest and most powerful shikigami to repel Toji. However, they're dispatched just as easily as the rest. Playful Cloud is the only special grade cursed tool without a cursed technique imbued into it. It is pure and solid power that depends entirely on the wielder's strength. In Toji's hands, he annihilates Dagon's water shield in a single blow, slamming the curse's head violently into the sand.

Toji makes dispatching Dagon look effortless.

Dumbfounded by the newcomer's domination, Maki can only watch in amazement with everyone else. She asks Naobito who that man is but he says Toji is just a ghost. Nanami tells Megumi to hold onto his domain for just a little longer because they're going to need to bet on Toji. Rubbing Playful Cloud together to sharpen its shape, Toji creates a loud noise that irritates everyone. Injured, Dagon barely stands back up and comes to the realization that he's really about to lose to a human without cursed energy.

Dagon attempts to buy time until Megumi's domain runs out by levitating in the air, but once again Naobito is way ahead of him. Naobito leaps on top of Dagon's head and stops his progress. Toji stacks Playful Cloud's three sections on top of each other to vault himself into the air directly at Dagon. The curse puts his guard up but Toji stabs Playful Cloud clean straight through his face.

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