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A Dream (ある () (そう) Aru Musō?) is the eleventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Trapped inside Sukuna's Innate Domain, Yuji is forced to make a troublesome deal. While watching over his body, Satoru explains his dreams and hopes for changing the jujutsu world. Meanwhile, a plot is put in motion to deal with Satoru in the coming battles.

Plot Details

Yuji fights Sukuna for control!

Inside Yuji's consciousness, he faces off with Sukuna. The King of Curses demands appreciation for fixing Yuji's arm. The young man refuses, seeing how Sukuna is the reason he's dead. Yuji wonders if this place is hell and tries to attack Sukuna.

Sukuna avoids the projectile and engages with Yuji. The boy's effort are fruitless inside Sukuna's inner domain. Sukuna tries to negotiate a deal to revive Yuji. His terms are that Yuji switches with him whenever he cants "Enchain" and says he must forget about this agreement.

Gojo sensei hinges the future on his students.

Sukuna tries to explain that all jujutsu depends on a binding vow. However, Yuji refuses and punches Sukuna away. Annoyed, Ryomen Sukuna gets Yuji to agree to a fight to the death and instantly severs his head. Meanwhile, in the real world, Satoru tells Kiyotaka Ijichi about his dream.

Satoru believes the higher-ups are the scum of the jujutsu world. Despite being a teacher, Satoru knows his talents are better used elsewhere and admits he's not the teaching type.

If Gojo wishes to rebuild the jujutsu world, he needs to foster strong allies. He believes all the students will be strong jujutsu sorcerers one day, especially the upperclassman: Hakari and Okkotsu.

Yuji returns to the land of the living.

Doctor Shoko Ieiri prepares to dissect Yuji's body when he suddenly reawakens from death. Satoru welcomes back his young protégé and asks for Shoko to keep him listed as deceased in the report. He doesn't want him targeted again by the higher-ups and plans to train Yuji to be ready for the Kyoto Goodwill Event. Satoru adds that he won't keep Yuji in hiding forever because he doesn't want to deny him the best years of his life.

Meanwhile, Pseudo-Geto continues telling Jogo about their greatest threat; Satoru Gojo. Suguru says they cannot defeat him even if they work together. He suggests they trap him using a special grade cursed object such as the Prison Realm.

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