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The Shibuya Incident, Part 27 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 27?) is the one hundredth and ninth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Megumi comes to the rescue of his fellow jujutsu sorcerers by infiltrating Dagon's Domain Expansion with his own. The sorcerers are able to mount a counterattack against the curse without the domain's automatic hit active. However, their escape takes an unexpected turn when someone else follows Megumi inside.

Plot Details

Nanami reveals he survived and protects Megumi.

A twister of Megumi's liquid shadows erupts from the ocean of the Horizon of the Captivating Skandha. Momentarily floating above the tornado of shadows, Megumi looks outward over the coastal area and notices Dagon. He immediately recognizes that the octopus-like curse is the master of the domain. Dagon believes Megumi is foolish for entering the domain voluntarily and prepares to attack him.

Maki quickly attacks Dagon with the special grade cursed tool: Playful Cloud, striking away a chunk of the cursed spirit's arm with the first hit. Dagon is surprised that he was actually injured and Maki follows up with another blow that sends Dagon skidding across the ocean water. He recovers from the attacks and recognizes that his guaranteed hit has been nullified because of Megumi. Locked in a domain tug-of-war, Dagon decides its best to crush Megumi before doing anything else.

The jujutsu sorcerers attempt to flee the domain.

The cursed spirit spawns fish shikigami from his body and sends them swimming through the water at his adversary. Nanami jumps across the Toads manifested from Megumi's Chimera Shadow Garden and slices apart the fish. Megumi is surprised to see him and the Nanami asks about Yuji and Ino. Megumi informs him of their status and Nanami focuses on protecting Megumi so he can concentrate on maintaining the domain.

Dagon is shocked Nanami managed to withstand Death Swarm for about a minute. Suddenly, Naobito appears behind him and attacks with blinding speed. Dagon ducks under the attack and is equally surprised the old man survived as well. Maki comes up to attack behind the curse and Dagon defends by spawning two large eel-like shikigami to repel the sorcerers. Naobito traps the one attacking him in a frame and crushes it with a powerful stomp. Maki defends herself as well and they both stand on both sides of Dagon. Naobito tells Dagon that all his attack did was get one arm. He adds that even if it was seventy-one years old, it will still cost the curse dearly.

They would all bear witness to the bare flesh of the one who is free.

Nanami continues defending Megumi but the young sorcerer is reaching his limit. Megumi reveals that he's actually trying to open a hole in the domain's barrier rather than engaging in a domain battle. The octopus-curse likely can't cast domain expansion twice in the same day so if the jujutsu sorcerers can escape they can win. Nanami makes sure Megumi doesn't plan on staying behind and the student clarifies that he has no intention of throwing his life away.

Nanami calls out to the Zenins and tells them to assemble in a roundabout way. They put their trust in Nanami's words and rush toward him immediately. Dagon is confused for a moment but he quickly figures out his adversaries' plan. He panics and rushes to stop them. Nanami believes it's too late as a hole appears in the ground below Megumi that leads outside the barrier.

Everyone assembles in time to escape, but something unexpected happens. Before the sorcerers can exit the domain, Toji Fushiguro suddenly enters through the hole and they're all forced to bear witness to the flesh of the one who is free and all his overwhelming intensity.

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