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The Shibuya Incident, Part 25 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 25?) is the one hundredth and seventh chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


The cursed womb, Dagon evolves into a massively powerful cursed spirit. Nanami and Maki support Naobito as he overwhelms Dagon with speed. Just as the head of the Zenin Family begins to take over the fight, Dagon activates Domain Expansion and changes everything.

Plot Details

Dagon attacks the sorcerers with a furious current of water.

Facing off with a team of jujutsu sorcerers looking to exorcise him, Dagon generates a sphere of water on the tip of his finger. Naobito prepares for the incoming attack and Dagon unleashes the water as a furious current that floods the entire area.

Maki stabs her spear into one of the pillars and stands on it to avoid the furious water current. She's shocked by the pure volume of water the cursed spirit is outputting, far outclassing Megumi's Max Elephant. However, much of the water that comes Naobito's way is trapped within projection frames by his cursed technique

Naobito asks the cursed spirit if he knows how many frames there are in an animated sequence. Dagon reveals his name and asks to be addressed as such. Naobito goes on about how everything is about resolution these days and Dagon also him and yells out that all his allies bear names. Naobito yells back and says that concepts such 4K and 60FPS are so unrefined.

Naobito Zenin overwhelms Dagon with incredible speed.

While Dagon is distracted, Nanami gets above him and strikes using his Ratio Technique. Dagon appears to block it, but he's abruptly sent crashing into the ground. Maki attempts to follow up with an attack of her own but Dagon grabs the blade of her cursed tool. Before he counterattacks, Naobito traps him inside a frame and Nanami dives down to strike the cursed spirit out of it. Dagon is able to protect himself from Nanami this time by generating a whirling shield of water that circles around him.

Frustrated, Nanami understands they are dealing damage but it feels like this curse had boundless health. Naobito is impressed two grade 1 jujutsu sorcerers aren't enough to exorcise the cursed spirit. Maki laments being saved by Naobito, humiliated by the fact she would have died if he hadn't stopped Dagon earlier.

Domain Expansion!

The old man playfully slaps Dagon's shield of water and commends him for being able to pull off multiple simultaneous cursed techniques. He recognizes Dagon has massive amounts of cursed energy and likely more techniques up his sleeve. In order to counter, Naobito leads the way and claims they'll all crush him with speed before he can activate any more moves.

Naobito, Nanami, and Maki pour on the pressure, attacking Dagon's water shield as fast as they can in rapid succession. Each of them gradually begins to pierce it until Naobito's fist breaks through completely. Before he's hit, Dagon causes the water to explode as a distraction and levitates above Maki and Nanami. However, Naobito suddenly appears behind Dagon and says he foresaw the curse attempting to flee up high. He kicks Dagon onto the ground and follows up with a barrage of brutal blows that overwhelms Dagon with pure speed. He admits the old man is the main problem in this jujutsu battle and that he's even faster than Jogo.

Dagon attempts to form his fingers together to create a hand sign but Naobito unleashes a flurry of rapid-fire downward punches that pound Dagon into the ground. Despite Naobito's best efforts, an uncanny seal forms on Dagon's stomach area, allowing him to cast Domain Expansion. In an instant, Dagon disappears and Naobito is trapped inside a coastal domain, looking out at sea.

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