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The Shibuya Incident, Part 24 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 24?) is the one hundredth and sixth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji has been defeated at the hands of Choso. However, before he can avenge his brothers, Choso's mind is invaded by a memory of something that never happened. Meanwhile, Nanami joins up with the Zenin Team and encounters Dagon in Shibuya Station.

Plot Details

Choso peaceful with Yuji as one of his brothers.

Victorious, Choso tells Yuji to ask for Eso and Kechizu's forgiveness in the afterlife.

Sukuna watches from his innate domain disappointed with Yuji's performance. He calls the jujutsu student worthless and can't believe he lost to such an inferior opponent. Suddenly, Choso's head begins to throb and he stumbles away from Yuji, abruptly stricken with a headache. At that moment, a memory was born inside Choso's brain of a past event that never happened.

Choso recalls eating peacefully at a picnic table with all his brothers, somehow also including Yuji. They were both eating with Eso and Kechizu as well as the other six brothers still sealed in constraints as Cursed Womb: Death Paintings. Yuji even passed him some food and called Choso "big bro". When the memory ends, Choso bends over forward and sweat drips profusely off of his face. He doesn't understand what's going on and asks himself why Yuji was apart of that recollection. As Choso stumbles away confused, Mimiko and Hanako appear to feed one of Sukuna's fingers to the unconscious vessel.

Nanami and the Zenin Team find Dagon in Shibuya Station.

At 10:20 P.M. on the Inokashira Line of Shibuya Station, Nanami and the Zenins head toward B5F. Nanami informs them about Satoru Gojo's sealing and Pseudo-Geto's involvement. Naobito mentions he wouldn't mind the decline of the Gojo Family, prompting Maki to tell him to leave if he's not going to help.

The head of the Zenin Family believes Maki is the one who should go home. Nanami actually agrees with Naobito, having left Nobara behind due to the danger of the mission. Maki believes she's more useful than her drunken grandfather. Irritated, Nanami asks Naobito if he's been drinking and the special grade 1 sorcerer claims he's done nothing of the sort. As they reach the lower floors of the station, Nanami thinks maybe he should have gone alone.

Naobito Zenin uses immense speed to overpower Dagon

Maki notices something while they're running and Nanami sees it as well. The octopus-like curse Dagon is hiding behind one of the pillars in the open area. Nanami draws his sword and prepares to exorcise him when suddenly Naobito appears behind Dagon. Naobito traps Dagon in a frame using his cursed technique. While Dagon is immobilized inside the frame, Naobito lands a heavy left straight that sends the curse flying across the room and crashing into another pillar. Nanami and Maki couldn't even see what happened it was so fast, with the former believing it was too fast even.

The impact severely injures Dagon, causing him to vomit up the skeletal remains of the numerous non-sorcerers he ate. Writhing in pain, Dagon calls out to his allies, including Hanami. Dagon suddenly realizes Hanami is dead, enraging him and forcing an evolution. Dagon leaves his petite skin behind and evolves into a much larger, muscular form. Naobito recognizes that the curse was so weak before because he was only a cursed womb.

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