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The Shibuya Incident, Part 22 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 22?) is the one hundredth and fourth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji struggles to fend Choso off, but Mechamaru returns to lend his advice. He gambles on Mechamaru's plan to even the playing field between the two combatants, devolvingtheir duel into a fist fight. Yuji begins his counterattack only for it to go horribly wrong.

Plot Details

Mechamaru advises Yuji to lead Choso into the bathroom.

Mechamaru's communication device has been silent since Yuji and the others separated from Nanami. In the middle of Yuji's battle with Choso, Mechamaru suddenly starts talking again. He asks what the situation is and Yuji replies with his own question, asking where Mechamaru has been this whole time. Mechamaru claims he's conserving energy because there's something he still needs to do. Choso watches confused while Mechamaru recognizes the Death Painting and tells Yuji that Choso is using Blood Manipulation.

Mechamaru recognizes Blood Manipulation from Noritoshi Kamo, but he doesn't know its weakness. The inherited technique is prized within the Kamo Family for its overall balance in combat. Yuji doesn't find this info helpful as he narrowly dodges another shot of Piercing Blood. Mechamaru advises him to retreat to the bathroom, revealing that he has an idea. His plan has a low percentage of success, but it's better than dying gradually out in the open.

Choso loses the ability to control blood outside his body.

Yuji darts into a small hallway, surprising Choso. The Death Painting believes that Yuji will hit a dead end and end up skewered by Piercing Blood. However, Choso hears a noise coming from the area and remembers that Yuji defeated his brothers, so he's no fool. Mechamaru's voice calls out to Choso, taunting him by calling him a coward just like his brothers.

Furious, Choso runs into the bathroom where he finds Mechamaru's communication puppet attached to the opposite wall. Mechamaru says the three Death Painting brothers are full of love full each other and so easy to manipulate. Piercing Blood destroys the puppet, but water bursts out of every place in the room that dispenses it.

Choso's attack pierces Yuji's liver.

Yuji, who was hiding in a stall, Yuji behind Choso and attacks. Choso slides back after blocking and believes that was Yuji's last chance before death. He prepares to use the condensed blood floating around him to finish the fight, but the water splashing around the room abruptly dispels Convergence.

Blood Manipulation normally stops blood from clotting. For that reason, it dissolves easier in water. Due to these specific circumstances, Choso is unable to manipulate blood outside his body. Choso doesn't quite understand what happened, but he decides to use Flowing Red Scale: Stack, focusing on controlling the blood within his body. Yuji doesn't get the logic either but he does understand that they're fighting where's he's comfortable now, in close quarters.

The two combatants take a moment to face off and assume their fighting stances while water violently breaks the appliances and floods the room from every direction. They engage in a quick exchange of physical blows, with Yuji gaining the upper hand. However, just as Yuji gets the advantage, Choso used his enhanced strength to flick a small Blood Meteorite hidden within hand straight into Yuji's liver.

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