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The Shibuya Incident, Part 21 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 21?) is the one hundredth and third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji has made it inside Shibuya Station, but Choso proves to be more than a match for the Jujutsu High student. Choso uses every move in his arsenal to take revenge on his younger brothers, pushing Yuji closer to the edge of defeat. Just as Yuji realizes how tough his opponent is, a familiar voice calls out to help.

Plot Details

Yuji manages to avoid the incredible speed of Choso's Piercing Blood.

In the heat of battle against Yuji, Choso uses Blood Manipulation to control the blood outside his body and condenses it using Convergence.

The blood beam Piercing Blood is too fast even for Yuji, with his chances of avoiding it only being fifty percent. Yuji decides to dictate the timing of his opponent's attack by jumping off the ground.

This successfully baits Choso, who willingly fires Piercing Blood again at Yuji's head just before he hits the ground. However, Yuji drops his upper body weight all the way down close to the ground at the very moment his feet touch it, avoiding the blood beam with blinding speed. Yuji immediately rushes toward Choso and attempts to close the distance between them.

Choso hits Yuji with Supernova!

Choso commends Yuji and bends the beam down to try and hit him. Piercing Blood isn't as fast after the initial shot, so Yuji is able to dodge it and engages Choso at close range. He wants to turn the exchange into a fistfight but there a floating balls of condensed blood still floating around Yuji.

Choso activates Supernova, detonating all of the condensed blood in every direction like a buckshot, severely injuring Yuji's back. The Death Painting follows up by using Blood Edge to stab Yuji's foot with a dagger made of blood. What Choso doesn't expect is when Yuji fights back with his stabbed foot and kicks him away.

Mechamaru returns to help Yuji out of a tough spot.

Yuji uses his athletic ability to flip around Choso's guard and land a heavy axe kick. Yuji realizes there aren't any more orbs for the blood beam and focuses on stopping him from making more. He's caught off guard when Choso assumes the stance for shooting Piercing Blood. Yuji stops running toward his opponent, falling for Choso's feint. Choso takes the offensive, casting Flowing Red Scale on himself and delivering several successive blows to Yuji. After smashing him against a wall, Choso uses Convergence and Piercing Blood again to try and finish him off.

However, Yuji survives and Choso admits he rushed it. The blood wasn't condensed enough and didn't fully pierce Yuji's gut. Still heavily injured, Yuji recognizes that Choso is too strong for him. Just when the disadvantage begins to become obvious, Mechamaru suddenly starts speaking again. through the communication device. Surprising the injured student with his voice, Mechamaru asks Yuji what's going on.

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