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The Shibuya Incident, Part 20 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 20?) is the one hundredth and second chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Yuji reveals Eso and Kechizu's last words to Choso, surfacing the fury of the proud elder brother. Meanwhile, trapped inside a graveyard domain, Mei Mei and Ui Ui put their lives on the line to exorcise Pseudo-Geto's special grade disease curse.

Plot Details

"This is your older brother!!"

Choso asks if his younger brothers had any last words before they died but Yuji doesn't know who he's talking about. Choso clarifies that he means the two people Yuji killed and the student laments about what happened with a sad expression on his face. He says they didn't really have last words but they did cry before they died.

Choso is initially shocked and then quickly overcome with rage, causing the line of blood going horizontally across his nose to bubble and distort in shape. Choso asks Eso and Kechizu to watch over him as blood behind him forms an intimidating face shaped by his malice. He tells his younger brothers to take a good look at their older brother while Yuji stands ready to fight.

Mei Mei fighting against the Smallpox Deity's domain.

Meanwhile, inside the Smallpox Deity's Domain Expansion, Mei Mei is momentarily trapped underground beneath another one of the disease curse's gravestones. The cursed spirit counts down from three but Mei Mei breaks out of the trap in time. She leaps toward her enemy and attempts to swing her axe, but once again she's instantly trapped inside a coffin by the domain's automatic hit. Having experienced this a few times now in this fight, Mei Mei understands the process of the special grade's technique.

First, the target of the domain is trapped inside a coffin and then buried underground when their hit by the weight of the large gravestone. Lastly, the curse counts down from three and the target is infected will smallpox. The curse hits Mei's coffin with another gravestone but this time she immediately cuts her way out. She believes this part of the process is the most annoying and fears she won't be able to fight Pseudo-Geto freely if she's hit again.

Ui Ui helps his sister put her plan to counter the domain into action.

Mei Mei also deduces that the domain can only target one person at a time and devises a counterattack centered around that. The curse instinctively targets the person with the stronger cursed energy. Only a single crow was caught inside the domain and Mei Mei needs the disease curse to focus on Ui Ui before she can utilize the bird. She asks her little brother if she's willing to die for her and he replies that he's more than happy to do anything for her.

Mei Mei flees off to the side while Ui Ui flares up his cursed energy. The disease curse notices the swelling energy and traps Ui Ui inside the coffin. A single hit by the gravestone would be enough to kill Ui Ui, but as the curse chants grave and forms the requisite hand sign, Mei Mei suddenly slices its hands off with her axe.

"Not bad... for a jujutsu sorcerer of this era."

The grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer tells the disease curse that Ui Ui's role is more than just that of a pack mule. Ui Ui proves this by activating New Shadow Style: Simple Domain to protect himself. When Mei Mei asked if Ui Ui was willing to die, he realized this meant he's allowed to use jujutsu. Mei Mei says that his role is to counter domains and she doesn't like to be indebted to anyone.

The special grade disease curse heals its hands quickly and reaches out to attack Mei Mei. Suddenly, the single bird flies through the back of the cursed spirit, piercing and exorcising it in a single ferocious blow. While the disease curse is dealt a fatal blow, Mei Mei's crow spontaneously dies as well. Mei Mei asks the quickest way to raise one's strength as a sorcerer and Ui Uii answers that would be a Binding Vow with one's life as the tradeoff for more power. Mei Mei's innate technique is Black Bird Manipulation. Her extension technique, Bird Strike, exceeds the limits of the crow's cursed energy by forcing it to commit suicide with a kamikaze-like attack. No one other than Satoru Gojo has ever survived the devastating attack.

With Geto's curse user and his disease curse both defeated by Mei Mei, she declares it time for the main act. She calls a flock of crows to her side that fill the underground subway and asks if they're ready to die for her. Pseudo-Geto comes to confront her and admits that she's not bad for a jujutsu sorcerer of this era.

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