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The Shibuya Incident, Part 19 ( (しぶ) () () (へん) Shibuya Jihen 19?) is the one hundredth and first chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


Mei Mei gets closer to Shibuya Station but Pseudo-Geto meets her halfway, summoning a special grade disease curse for her to exorcise. While she's underground, Yuji enters the station from above ground. However, Choso awaits him inside.

Plot Details

Nanami kneels over as he speaks with Nobara and Akari, who are sitting on two connected chairs recovering from their injuries. He reveals that Ijichi will be okay. Nanami did what he can for him and he tells the girls not to forget that Ijichi was originally training to be a sorcerer instead of a manager.

Pseudo-Geto summons a special grade disease curse for Mei Mei to fight.

Nobara and Akari also learn about Gojo's situation, something they didn't hear about since they headed indoors away from Yuji's yelling. Nanami asks them to wait for rescue while he joins the Zenin Team and heads for Shibuya Station. Nobara wants to go but Nanam insists that the coming battles require sorcerers grade 1 and above, anyone else would simply be in the way.

Meanwhile, on the Fukutoshin Line Platform underground, Mei Mei comes face to face with Pseudo-Geto. She's surprised to Geto but quickly dismisses the idea that he could be alive. That would mean Satoru messed up and she has no reason to believe they're working together. Pseudo-Geto tries to act friendly but Mei Mei hasn't forgotten about the assassin he just sent. She feels it's a shame that her preferred of the two special grade students ended up this way, she had her money on Geto over Gojo. Geto replies that he feels sorry to have to kill a former senpai and summons a special grade disease curse: Smallpox Deity to do it for him.

The Smallpox Deity traps Mei Mei inside its Domain Expansion.

Mei Mei is surprised to see him use curse manipulation and doubts her conclusion about him for for a moment. Geto reveals that he doesn't have many curses left after the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, but the ones he does still possess are of pristine quality. He leaves the area, telling Mei that if she can exorcise the Smallpox Deity, then he'll be her next opponent.

The disease curse immediately activates Domain Expansion, trapping Mei Mei inside a coffin. The curse chants "grave", causing a large gravestone to fall from the sky onto the coffin, digging it under the ground. Then the curse begins a three count but Mei Mei breaks out before it ends. Ui Ui initially watches in horror but he's excited to see his sister survive. Mei Mei is impressed, stating that it's been longer than she can remember since her life has been in danger even for a moment.

Choso attempts to take revenge for his brothers.

At the entrance to Shibuya Station, Yuji runs inside and wonders if he's going the right way since no one is around. He immediately runs into Choso, who recognizes Yuji as his brothers' killers. He activates Blood Manipulation: Convergence, an extension technique that compresses blood outside the user's body into a single point. Then Choso uses the secret technique of Blood Manipulation, shooting the blood through a single point at the speed of sound: Piercing Blood!

Piercing Blood fires a condensed, cursed energy-reinforced arrow extremely fast at Yuji. He's able to block but the attack is so fast and sharp it nearly pierces Yuji's left arm completely. Yuji is barely able to stop it but tries to close the distance right after the attack is done cutting his arm. Yuji hits him with Divergent Fist with his injured arm, but can't quite move it well afterward. Choso blocks the hit is confused by the double impact. With a break in the action, Choso decides to ask Yuji if his younger brothers left him with any final words.

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