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After the Rain ( () () Ugo?) is the tenth chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen.


In the aftermath of the cursed womb Incident, a group of evildoers plan the demise of the human race. Satoru learns his superiors purposefully sent Yuji to die while he was away. A group of second years tries to cheer up Megumi and Nobara by inviting them to participate in the upcoming Kyoto Goodwill Event. They agree to get stronger for Yuji, but is he truly gone?

Plot Details

Gojo learns Yuji was set up to die in his absence.

A man named Pseudo-Geto and a group of cursed spirits apparently had used Sukuna's finger to create the cursed womb. This was in order to gain intel on Sukuna's new vessel. The single-eyed curse is upset that they wasted a finger on the event. The man placates him and enters a diner to order a table for one.

Meanwhile, Satoru speaks with Kiyotaka Ijichi about the circumstances surrounding the demise of one of his students. Satoru believes the higher-ups sent his students on this mission as a way to get Itadori killed while he was absent. Jujutsu High Doctor Shoko Ieiri prepares to dissect Yuji to learn more about Yuji.

Second-Year students of Jujutsu High.

Outside the school, Megumi tells Nobara that Yuji wanted them to live long lives. They both act like they're mostly unaffected by his death, but Megumi notices subtle signs that Nobara is upset. They're interrupted by Maki Zenin and a group of second-year students including Toge Inumaki and Panda.

They arrive to try and cheer both the lower-classman by inviting them to participate in the Kyoto Goodwill Event. This is a competition that pits students from Tokyo Jujutsu High against students from their sister school in Kyoto. Megumi and Nobara agree to do it for their fallen friend and swear to get stronger no matter what it takes.

Megumi and Nobara swear to get stronger.

Suguru Geto continues speaking with the cursed spirits inside the diner. Jogo believes that curses are the truest form of humans and the "fakes" should be eliminated. Suguru reveals that the key for winning the war is immobilizing Satoru Gojo and making an ally of Ryomen Sukuna. Jogo argues that Yuji is dead but Suguru doesn't seem so convinced.

Somewhere deep within Yuji's consciousness, Sukuna looks down at his "annoying" counterpart. He tells Yuji not to stare without permission, but Yuji simply tells him to come down and face him.

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