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Bright Darkness ( (まぶ) しい (やみ) Mabushii Yami?) is the final chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High.


The final battle Yuta and Rika vs. Suguru Geto! The tandem goes all out against Suguru and his army of vagabond cursed spirits. Suguru wishes to use Rika's power to establish a world where sorcerers can be acknowledged as gods. The two sorcerers compete for her power and only one can survive!

Plot Details

Yuta & Rika vs. Geto!

Yuta and Rika begin their battle with the special grade curse user, Suguru Geto. Geto begins the battle using lots of weaker curses hoping to see how Rika will respond. Rika is able to transport Maki, Toge, and Panda to a safe space where Yuta uses a reverse cursed technique to heal them. Jealous of Maki, Rika becomes angry that another girl is getting Yuta's attention. However, a very stern Yuta tells her to be careful, officially controlling Rika for the first time.

After healing his friends, Yuta confronts Geto. He asks why Suguru didn't attack and the curse user clarifies that he was simply impressed Yuta could pull off a reverse cursed technique. For his next move, Yuta manages to copy Toge's cursed speech via a microphone. He commands all Geto's attacking curse to die, impressing Suguru further. Yuta mentions how difficult using cursed speech is and commends Toge but Geto is surprised to see Yuta using such high-level jujutsu. He surmises that Rika is truly a boundless entity of cursed energy that can be shaped into any technique.

Yuta using cursed speech to command Geto's curses to die.

Meanwhile in Shinjuku, Satoru Gojo and Ijichi deal with the curse users, Miguel, Nanako, and Mimiko. The two girls hang several managers and threaten to do so to anyone who gets in Geto's way. Miguel is able to disturb Gojo's technique thanks to a rope weaved with an uncanny curse. However, the rope is running out, making Miguel nervous. He only has to survive a few more minutes but promises to curse Suguru if he dies.

Back at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Geto arms himself with a cursed tool and prepares to fight Yuta directly. He believes Yuta's body must be overflowing with cursed energy, granting Yuta enhanced abilities in every sense. Geto compares sorcerers to gods, further irritating Yuta who continues their battle by striking several times with his sword. Geto is able to parry with his three-section staff and claims that normal humans are just trying to ignore those above them. Yuta claims he's done with Geto's god-complex but gets caught off guard.

Even unarmed, Yuta does his best to defeat Geto.

An octopus-like curse entangles Yuta and before he can cut himself free, Geto strikes him several times. Rika brings Yuta out of harm's way and Geto continues to monologue. Geto believes that the audacity of non-sorcerers to hide away the strong makes him sick. Rika checks on Yuta's condition, but he claims to have gotten used to Geto's movements. Yuta re-engages his opponent but his sword breaks from all the cursed energy running through it. Geto tries to tease him about this, but Yuta smashes his face and sends him flying back with a left hook.

Yuta promises his life to Rika, and gains boundless power in return.

Yuta admits he can confirm whether Geto is right or not, but simply because this man threatens Yuta's friends, means he has to go down. Geto summons his most powerful cursed spirits in a single technique - Maximum: Uzumaki, threatening to destroy Yuta once and for all. In response, Yuta thanks Rika for protecting him and embraces her. He asks for her power one last time and promises that they'll be together forever after that. This excites Rika's spirit, which grows even stronger.

Geto realizes that Yuta is sacrificing himself to remove any limits on his cursed energy. Using love, the most powerful curse of all, Rika fires a blast of cursed energy that clashes with Geto's cursed spirits, creating a massive explosion. Geto flees the scene, severely injured and missing an arm. He swears to get Rika next time but he's confronted by Gojo. Gojo confirms all of Geto's followers fled and admits that he trusted Geto enough not to injure young sorcerers like Panda and Toge. He gives Geto a chance for last words and the curse user admits he harbors no disdain for Jujutsu High, he simply couldn't be happy in this world no matter what.

The curse is lifted from Rika's spirit

Maki, Toge, and Panda awaken Yuta, who's glad to see they're okay. However, Rika calls Yuta and he plans on making good on his promise to her. Suddenly, Rika's cursed form shatters, revealing the human spirit of a young Rika. Gojo arrives and confirms that the curse has been lifted. He also reveals that Yuta is a descendant of Michizane Sugawara‏‎ and also a distant relative of his. Yuta's rejection of Rika's death led to her manifestation as a cursed spirit.

Yuta begins to cry because he feels responsible for everything that's happened, but Rika embraces him and reveals that she's been happier than ever. Her spirit disappears after saying goodbye to Yuta and she is finally laid to rest.

Sometime afterward on a day when it's snowing, Gojo walks with Yuta, assuring him that everything that happened with Geto was his fault. He also returns the student ID that Geto took from him. Maki interrupts, standing in front of the duo with Toge and Panda. Happy to see his friends, Yuta smiles, still wearing the ring Rika gave him.

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