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Punishment for the Weak ( (じゃく) (じゃ) (ばつ) Jakusha ni batsuo?) is the third chapter of Gege Akutami's Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High.


Suguru Geto, the worst and most dangerous curse user in all of Japan sets on destroying Tokyo Jujutsu High. In order to ensure a world with only sorcerers. Suguru invokes the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, summoning thousands of curses in both Kyoto and Shinjuku. While the jujutsu sorcerers deal with that threat, Suguru invades the school alone in order to kill Yuta Okkotsu and capture Rika.

Plot Details

Suguru pretending to be a priest in order to collect curses from non-sorcerers.

A woman named Saito believes her daughter is cursed. She brings her to what she believes to be a "Buddhist temple" where Suguru Geto is curing people. He's quite rude to them calling the woman Sato instead.

The daughter suggests they leave but Saito insists. Suguru is able to accurately guess all of the daughter's symptoms because he can see the curse hanging on to her. She asks how he knows and he instantly takes the curse and absorbs it. As they leave, Suguru is more polite and they regard him as the Buddha himself. Afterward, Suguru says that's fitting coming from non-sorcerer monkeys.

One of Geto's associates comes to inform him that all of the commanders in his group of curse users have arrived. Excited to see everyone together for the first time in a while. They both start taking pictures before they're interrupted by another cursed human. However, this man hasn't donated to the temple in six months. He's a money-collecting monkey as opposed to curse-collecting one. Without any money, he's of no use to Geto and is allowed to die right in front of them. Disgusted, Suguru's assistant Manami Suda expresses her distaste for being the same race as the monkeys.

Suguru and his family read to bring about the age of sorcerers.

Immediately after, Suguru enters the meeting room to announce its time to bring about the age of sorcerers. The first step to enacting their plan is to destroy the cornerstone of the jujutsu world: Tokyo Jujutsu High.

At the same time, the first-years of Tokyo Jujutsu High walk outside. Yuta suddenly stops and looks off to the distance. When Panda asks what's wrong, Yuta replies that he has a bad feeling. The other three don't take him seriously because his cursed energy perception isn't good and his senses are off because of Rika.

Looking down on the students from a high floor of another building, Jujutsu High Principal Masamichi Yaga and Satoru Gojo discuss Suguru's involvement in Toge and Yuta's last mission. Yaga suggests maybe Satoru is paranoid but Satoru insists he would never mistake Suguru's residuals. With perfect timing, Suguru arrives at the front gate to the school. Yaga notices immediately and orders all sorcerers semi-grade 1 and above to intercept him. Suguru rides a large bird-like curse into the scene right in front of Yuta and his peers. He's accompanied by Larue, Mimiko, and Nanako, who rode inside of the bird's large mouth.

Suguru introduces himself to Yuta, surprising the other three students with his speed.

Maki, Toge, and Panda threaten to have Yuta kick them all off property, scaring Yuta. Suguru greets Yuta, blitzing right past his three peers before they even knew what happened. He tells Yuta today's society is wrong because sorcerers are forced to protect the weak, so his plan to to eradicate all non-sorcerers. This shocks all the students, but Satoru and Yaga arrive with several other sorcerers.

Suguru commends Satoru on his three talented first-years but then takes the time to insult Maki as the failure of the Zenin Family. This annoys Yuta, who refuses to continue acting friendly with someone who would insult his friends. Satoru confronts Suguru more closely, getting in front of Yuta as protection. He demands to know why Suguru has returned and the curse user reveals he intends to declare war.

To everyone listening, Suguru announces he will unleash a Night Parade of a Hundred Demons on both Kyoto and Shinjuku. They will be ordered to massacre all non-sorcerers, challenging the sorcerers to protect them. His declaration is interrupted when Nanako reminds him that their going to be late for their shopping trip to Takeshita Street. Satoru doesn't intend to let him leave but Suguru unleashes a large curse and reveals that his precocious students are all within his range. While they're preoccupied with that, Suguru leaves on his large bird-like curse with his associates.

Maki embarrassed by Yuta's willingness to accept her.

Immediately after, Principal Yaga holds a strategy meeting to discuss how they plan to repel Suguru's terrorist attack. They clearly have more fighting power than Suguru, so the question becomes why he would try this now. On December 24th, the day of the terrorist attack, Suguru acknowledges his chances of winning are less than 20%. However, if he can kill Yuta and capture Rika, his chances go up to 99%. His true objectives was to isolate Yuta Okkotsu.

While Yuta waits alone in one of the classrooms, Maki enters and they talk about how all the students are off fighting besides them. He asks why Suguru called her a failure. Maki explains that she a member of the Zenin Family but she can't see curses. Yuta finally realizes why Maki doesn't like being referred to as Zenin, and why she can't help him with cursed energy. Yuta is impressed by Maki's resolve and tells her he wants to be like her, strong and resilient. He suggests helping crush the Zenin Family but Maki wants to do it on her own. Embarrassed, Maki leaves and expresses her frustration with feeling accepted by someone for once. Maki and Yuta both notice when a curtain suddenly engulfs the school, casted by none other than Suguru Geto.

Suguru begins his assault on Jujutsu High.

In Shinjuku Tokyo, hundreds of demons appear just as promised. Looking down from building with Geto's assistant, Miguel recognizes Satoru Gojo as his main target. They're objective is simply to buy time. Back at the school, Maki is the first to greet Suguru, but he's less than impressed. Meanwhile, Satoru wonders why Suguru hasn't shown himself in either city.

Kiyotaka Ijichi informs Satoru about what's happening with Yuta and Satoru immediately uses his abilities to teleport Toge and Panda back to the school. Miguel and his partner realize Satoru has figured out Suguru's plan. Regardless, they must stick to it and a curse reveals Mimiko and Nanako. On Miguel's mark, they begin their assault. Miguel challenges Satoru directly but he's angry, claiming that he's busy at the moment.

Yuta manifests Rika in order to murder Suguru Geto for attacking his friends.

Toge and Panda are teleported back to the school and immediately break through the curtain. Suguru notices this and doesn't expect them to reach his position for a few minutes. However, Panda suddenly breaks through the wall behind Suguru. The curse user realizes Panda just ran through all the walls to take the shortest route. Panda unleashes a flurry of punches but he notices Maki's injured body. While distracted, Suguru pummels Panda with hand to hand combat. Panda calls for Toge, who appears in time to get Suguru's attention. Panda grabs the curse user's leg and Toge orders him to crumble away with his cursed speech.

Suguru appears to be crushed and falls deep undergrounds through a giant crater Toge created. Due to Suguru's strength and the power of the command, Toge immediately begins coughing up blood from the backlash. Panda goes to check on him but Toge believes they need to help Maki first. Suddenly, Suguru reappears from the ground, resurrected by one of his curses.

Yuta notices all the commotion and comes outside to find all three of his friends grievously injured while Suguru cries tears of joy over young sorcerers helping one another. Maki is injured the worst and Toge is just barely conscious enough to tell Yuta to run away. Instead, Yuta instantly becomes enraged and calls forth Rika once again, completely manifesting her for the second time. Suguru believes Yuta will die, but Yuta threatens to kill Suguru for what he's done.

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