The Cursed Child ( (のろ) いの () Noroi no ko?) is the first chapter of Akutami Gege's Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical School.


After a bloody incident involving Yuta Okkotsu's classmates, he joins the Tokyo Metropolitan MagicTechnical College, where he meets his new classmates. Yuta Okkotsu together with Satoru Gojo and his new classmate MakiZenin, go on a mission to an elementary school where children have gone missing. Satoru Gojo tasks them with killing the curses inside. On the school they encounter a curse that eats them whole. Inside the curse they meet two children that are both cursed. Yuta Okkotsu summons Rika Orimoto to get them out of the curse. He then carries the unconscious Maki Zenin out of the school to then be saved by Satoru Gojo.

Characters in Order of Appearance


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