Boogie Woogie (不義遊戯 (ブギウギ) Bugi Ugi?) is Aoi Todo's innate technique. It allows him to switch places with another person or object by clapping his hands.


Boogie Woogie activates when the user claps their hands together, allowing them to switch places with anything that has above a certain amount of cursed energy. The user can also switch out things not involved with themselves. It is a simple but an effective cursed technique that can be a great weapon when wielded by a clever sorcerer like Aoi Todo.[1]


Aoi constantly switching with Yuji to throw off their opponent's judgment.

Aoi first used his cursed technique to create confusion on a battlefield and stopped his teammates from attacking Yuji. It was instantaneous and caught everyone off guard, as they ended up aiming at one another before Aoi appeared to intimidate them.[2]

Thanks to Aoi's eccentric creativity and high intellect, Boogie Woogie is utilized as an extremely effective technique that can change to course of a fight.

The "simple but effective" Boogie Woogie rendering a special grade curse defenseless.

Hanami judged Aoi and Yuji's strength to be well below his own, but Aoi's cursed technique threw off his judgment, allowing Aoi and Yuji to land several vital blows that crippled Hanami.[3] He first used it to switch places with Hanami, forcing the cursed spirit to impale himself on his own spiked roots.[4]

While fighting both Yuji and Aoi, Hanami needed to account for their individual strengths every time he defended. The sudden and seemingly random switching made it all but impossible for Hanami to properly defend himself. Doing so gave Yuji the opening to land the last of four consecutive Black Flash attacks.[5]

Aoi swapping out Yuji to summon Playful Cloud.

Throughout the fight, Aoi focused on using Boogie Woogie to help give Yuji several key openings to strike Hanami with Black Flash. He also clapped without actually activating the effect, throwing off any anticipatory strategy that Hanami may have built up while trying to defend.[6]

As their battle dragged on and Hanami began to account for timing on Aoi's clapping, Aoi was able to adapt his own strategy by revealing more facets of his ability. By switching Yuji with Hanami, Aoi was able to keep Yuji from being hit by a cursed bud.[7]

Aoi also showcased his ability to switch objects with any desired target, revealing that Boogie Woogie works on anything with enough cursed energy. He switched out Yuji for the special grade cursed tool; Playful Cloud and dealt a devastating blow that crushed Hanami's weak points and pushed the cursed spirit to the edge of defeat.[8]


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