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Boogie Woogie (不義遊戯 (ブギウギ) Bugi Ugi?) is Aoi Todo's innate technique. It allows him to swap the orientation of anything with enough requisite cursed energy by clapping his hands.


Boogie Woogie activates when the user claps their hands together. The technique switches the positions of the user and anything they desire that has above a certain amount of cursed energy. The user can also switch things or people not including themselves (i.e. The user can swap their partner with their adversary's position).


Todo constantly switching with Yuji to throw off their opponent's judgment.

Todo first used Boogie Woogie to create confusion on the battlefield of the Spirit Bash Race. He stopped his teammates from attacking Yuji by moving them out of their advantageous positions to nullify their ambush. It was instantaneous and caught everyone off guard including Yuji. The Kyoto Team ended up aiming their attacks at one another until Todo appeared to intimidate them.[1]

Boogie Woogie is a simple but effective technique that can be a great weapon when wielded by a clever sorcerer like Todo.[2] This is mostly due to his eccentric creativity and high intellect. Boogie Woogie is utilized as an extremely effective technique that can change to course of a fight.

The "simple but effective" Boogie Woogie rendering a special grade curse defenseless.

Hanami judged Todo and Yuji's strength to be well below his own, but Boogie Woogie completely threw off his judgment, allowing Todo and Yuji to land several vital blows that crippled the special grade.[3] He first used it to switch places with Hanami, forcing the cursed spirit to impale himself on his own spiked roots.[4]

While fighting both jujutsu students, Hanami needed to account for their individual strengths every time he defended. The sudden and seemingly random switching made it all but impossible for Hanami to properly defend himself. Doing so gave Yuji the opening to land the last of four consecutive Black Flash attacks.[5]

Todo swapping out Yuji to summon Playful Cloud.

Todo mainly focused on using Boogie Woogie to help give Yuji several key openings to strike Hanami with Black Flash. He also clapped without actually activating the effect, throwing off any anticipatory strategy Hanami built up while trying to defend.[6]

As their battle dragged on and Hanami began to account for timing on Todo's clapping, the grade 1 sorcerer was able to adapt his own strategy by revealing more facets of his ability. By switching Yuji with Hanami, Aoi was able to keep Yuji from being hit by one of Hanami's cursed bud.[7]

Towards the end of the fight with Hanami, Todo also showcased his ability to switch objects with any desired target, revealing that Boogie Woogie works on anything with enough cursed energy. He switched out Yuji for the special grade cursed tool; Playful Cloud and dealt a devastating blow that crushed Hanami's weak points and pushed the cursed spirit to the edge of defeat.[8]

Todo using Boogie Woogie to keep Mahito away from his allies.

In Shibuya, Todo used Boogie Woogie to save Yuji from Mahito at the last moment. Just before Mahito killed the defeated Todo's best friend, the grade 1 sorcerer swapped places with the cursed spirit. This put Todo next to Yuji and Mahito down the corridor of the subway station a good distance from them. Mahito recognized Todo by his scar and technique as the man who gave Hanami a difficult time in their fight.[9]

Mahito attacked again shortly after, forcing Todo to switch the cursed spirit with the Kyoto first-year student accompanying him, Arata Nitta. This put Mahito behind Todo where Arata was standing, prompting the cursed spirit to turn around and attack immediately. Todo clapped again to switch with Mahito, placing himself behind the curse. Todo capitalized by delivering a powerful kick that sent Mahito reeling toward Arata. In order to avoid a collision, Todo swapped Arata's place with Mahito just before they crashed into one another.

Todo countering Mahito's shape-shifting by constantly switching places.

Having already been on the receiving end of Boogie Woogie several times at the beginning of the fight, Mahito admitted it was extremely disorienting despite knowing how it works.[10]

While Arata treated Yuji's injuries, Todo used his technique to engage Mahito one on one. Mahito made the first move by transforming his torso into a spiked net and Todo swapped places to get behind his adversary. Todo immediately attempted to throw Mahito from behind but the curse warped the back of his body to clone the front of it. This also didn't work as Todo simply switched places to get behind Mahito again. Impressed, Mahito recognized that Todo is an expert at dodging while also keeping his distance from Yuji.

Todo switching with a transfigured human.

Mahito attempted to use a transfigured human to hit Todo from behind but he avoided it without switching. Todo anticipated that Mahito was trying to lead him into using his technique and instead uses it to swap spots with Yuji. This puts Yuji in position to rejoin the fight and hit Mahito with a Black Flash![11]

Just as they did against Hanami, Yuji and Todo fought together while using the constant switching to disorient their opponent. Mahito's shapeshifting abilities allowed him to defend much better than Hanami could initially. Mahito still recognized Boogie Woogie as the main obstacle in the battle and stated he needed to deal with it first.

Todo swapping with a simple stone infused with his cursed energy.

Mahito attempted to use another transfigured human to initiate his counterattack, only for Todo to switch spots with it. This completely took Mahito by surprise, who didn't expect Todo to detect the cursed energy from a delayed transfiguration on a non-living target. With the curse vulnerable, Todo capitalized by unlocking the power Black Flash for the first time, striking Mahito from behind with a powerful kick.[12]

Their climactic battle erupted into the streets of Shibuya where Mahito desired to focus solely on Yuji. However, Todo would constantly intervene with Boogie Woogie despite the curse's attempts to keep him out of the fight. He re-engaged the battle by using his technique to swap all three of their places at once, Todo grabbed Mahito and slammed him to the ground in an instant. Mahito countered the devastating blow by dismembering himself and activating Soul Multiplicity: Polymorphic Soul Isomer. Todo clapped several times against Mahito's two bodies and the transfigured human in order to control the battlefield and continue supporting Yuji.

With his left hand severed, Todo claps using Mahito's palm to activate Boogie Woogie.

After being hit clean through a building by the Polymorphic Soul Isomer, Todo threw a stone infused with his cursed energy. Once the rock got behind the transfigured human's head, Todo switched places with it and delivered a powerful strike that put down the Polymorphic Soul Isomer.[13] Mahito was hoping to keep Todo out of the fight in order to kill Yuji one on one, but he quickly rejoined the fight. Exhausted of options to deal with Todo's ability, Mahito was forced to activate an all-or-nothing Domain Expansion of 0.2 seconds.[14]

Mahito's Self-Embodiment of Perfection was too fast for Todo's reaction speed and his left hand was targetted. Before the transfiguration spread to the rest of his arm, Todo willingly severed his hand. This, however left him unable to clap and activate Boogie Woogie. Vulnerable to Mahito's next attack, Todo was hit for the first time by Mahito and suffered a strike reinforced by Black Flash. After surviving Mahito's Black Flash, Todo narrowly escaped death by slapping his hand onto Mahito's to initiate a clap and activate Boogie Woogie one last time. This immediately swapped Todo's place with Yuji, allowing Yuji to once again hit Mahito with a Black Flash.[15]

Despite losing his left hand, Todo fools Mahito with the threat of activating Boogie Woogie.

Even with his hand severed, Todo still made his presence known in the battle using the threat of Boogie Woogie to impact its finale. Todo interrupted Mahito and claimed that his hand was merely decoration and the act of applause was an acclimation of the soul. The sorcerer's profound charisma fooled Mahito into believing Boogie Woogie would activate. The cursed spirit turned around to anticipate the switch and immediately attacked. However, there was no switch and Mahito hit nothing but air. Having been completely fooled, the curse was left wide open for Yuji. Todo apologized for lying and admitted Boogie Woogie was already dead. Yuji took advantage of the false activation of Boogie Woogie and landed a fight-ending Black Flash that defeated Mahito once and for all.[16]


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