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Blood Manipulation ( (せっ) (けつ) (そう) (じゅつ) Sekketsu Sōjutsu?) is an inherited technique passed down in the Kamo Family. It allows the user to control their own blood.


As the name implies, Blood Manipulation is a cursed technique that allows the user to control and shape their blood beyond its natural form or motion for a variety of effects. It can be used to manipulate every aspect of the user's blood, including blood composition, plasma, and red blood cells. Internal and external blood can be utilized as long as it belongs to the user.


Blood can be manipulated in a variety of ways utilizing this technique. External blood can be hardened or shaped to create mid-range projectiles. Internal blood can be used to control one's own pulse rate and body temperature, effectively giving themselves more energy to increase their physical capabilities.


As with any cursed technique, Blood Manipulation's efficiency and strength depend on the user. Noritoshi's Piercing Blood was unable to harm Hanami while Choso's was able to severely injure Yuji. External blood can also be nullified under specific circumstances where the amount of water in the area renders blood unable to hold any shape.

The user is also limited by the amount of their own blood they have access to. Too much blood loss could obviously result in death, so users generally prepare blood bags or weapons dipped in their blood in advance.


Extension Techniques
Flowing Red Scale (Anime).gif Flowing Red Scale (赤鱗躍動 Sekirin Yakudō?): Increases the user's body temperature, pulse rate, and the number of red blood cells to give themselves greatly increased energy and physical capabilities.
Flowing Red Scale: Stack (赤鱗躍動・載 Sekirin Yakudō・Sai?): Intensifies Flowing Red Scale in order to increase the user's physical capabilities to an even higher degree than normally. Flowing Red Scale Stack.png
Crimson Binding (Anime).gif Crimson Binding (赤縛 Sekibaku?): Transforms blood into widespread net that tightly ensnares the target.
Choso using Slicing Exorcism.png Slicing Exorcism (苅祓 Karibarai?): A long-range attack that allows the user to slice their opponent. It can take the form of a highly rotating disc of blood or a long stream of blood.
Choso using Convergence.png Convergence (百斂 Byakuren?): A technique that compresses and condenses the blood to its limit.
Piercing Blood (穿血 Senketsu?): After using Convergence, the user fires a long ranged beam of blood with extreme flesh piercing capabilities. Once skillfully reinforced with cursed energy, it can reach the speed of sound. Piercing Blood (Anime).gif
Supernova (超新星 Chōshinsei?): After using Convergence to create multiple small orbs of blood, the user has the orbs shoot out in every direction like a buckshot. Choso using Supernova on Yuji.png
Blood Edge.png Blood Edge (血刃 Ketsujin?): Shapes and strengthens the user's blood lethality by rotating it at a high speed.
Blood Meteorite.png Blood Meteorite (血星磊 Kesseiseki?): The user hardens some of their blood, before throwing it at their target.