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Blazing Courage ( (しょう) 眉之 (びの) (きゅう) Shōbi no Kyū?) is Ogi Zenin's innate technique. It allows him to summon flames and coat his weapon in the blaze.


This technique allows the user to ignite flames and channel them through their weapon to create a flaming sword. Blazing Courage can be used to replace a broken blade and can even emulate the sword's cutting ability.[1] It can also be used to a much greater degree and generate scorching flames that encircle the user while also fiercely coating their blade.[2]


Ogi using Blazing Courage to imitate the blade of his katana.

Ogi Zenin first showcased his innate technique to replace the blade of his katana after it was broken by Maki.

Maki believed she had him beat and got in close, but Ogi molded fire into a blade that completed his katana, allowing him to counter her. He was able to slice through her eye and her abdomen in a single slash.[3]

While his cursed technique supports his swordplay Ogi thinks of himself as a sorcerer over a swordsman.[4] After Maki miraculously survived the previous round of fighting, Ogi compared her new strength to Toji Zenin and activated his technique in response. Ogi activated Blazing Courage to what appeared to be its full power. However, he was easily cut down and killed by Maki before the technique could show its true strength.[5]


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