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Bird Strike (神風 (バードストライク) Bādo Sutoraiku?) is a Black Bird Manipulation extension technique used by Mei Mei.


In order to erase the limits of their typically weak crows, a Black Bird Manipulator can force their crows to commit suicide in return. By hurling a crow imbued with cursed energy beyond its normal limits, the user can unleash a devastating attack that is normally a one-hit finisher.


Mei Mei first showcased this technique in her jujutsu battle with the special grade disease curse Smallpox Deity. Bird Strike hit the Smallpox Deity from behind and exorcised the special grade immediately. She considers Bird Strike to be the true value of her innate technique and claims no one other than Satoru Gojo has ever survived it.[1]


  • The kanji used in the name of this attack are the same ones used in the word "Divine Wind" ( (かみ) (かぜ) Kami Kaze?). This is in reference to the self-sacrificial nature of Bird Strike, likening it to the Kamikaze units that were utilized by Japan during World War II.


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