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Bayer (バイエル Baieru?) is a soldier from the curse-user group Q.


Bayer has long dark hair that extends past his shoulders, light colored eyes, and thin eyebrows.

Bayer wears a white Breton hat that has a dark colored bill and a Q on the front of it, a mask that cover his mouth and nose, a double breast suit with a cape that has the ends of it attached to the ends of the sleeves, a dark button down shirt under the suit, a light colored tie, a dark belt around his waist, dark colored pants, and dark colored boots.


Bayer initially appears respectful, praising Satoru Gojo for blocking his attack. However, he can be easily angered, as when Satoru suggested Bayer to surrender.


Gojo's Past Arc

Bayer is sent to the location where the vessel, Riko, that will fuse with Tengen is at, along with Kokun. Once they arrive at the location, Bayer waits outside while Kokun takes care of Riko. When Geto and Gojo also arrives at the location, Bayer confronts Gojo while Kokun deals with Geto. Before they fight, Gojo tries to get Bayer to surrender but this just makes Bayer more angry.[1] Bayer takes on Gojo, but Bayer is easily defeated by Gojo. With Bayer's defeat, Q is disbanded but it is unknown what happened to Bayer afterwards.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Overall Skills: Bayer is a sorcerer with unknown capabilities, but he is said to be the strongest member of Q. Bayer has been shown to use several throwing daggers.


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