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The Baseball Game is the second and final competition of the 30th Annual Kyoto Sister-School Goodwill Event.


Following the cursed spirits attack on the school, a meeting is held to count the casualties. Gojo asks the students if they should continue the event and Aoi speaks up, believing that they should. He lists three solid reasons why they should continue with the event and all the students agree with him despite how ridiculous he normally sounds.

Maki asks what the individual portions will be like but Gojo refuses to keep up the principals traditions. He switches out the ballot to Yuji, who selects a baseball game rather than either of the individual events the principals suggested.[1]


Kasumi Miwa is up to bat first and she hits the ball into a pop up. Immediately Utahime and Momo begin arguing over their run strategy. Noritoshi takes up the batter next and has a conversation with the current catcher, Yuji. He learns why Yuji wants to become a sorcerer and realizes that they're not so different after all. Moved by Yuji's words, Noritoshi allows himself to be struck out and doesn't even swing the bat.

Tokyo High wins the Goodwill Event 2-0.

The teams change sides and Nobara is first up to bat. She's irritated that Mechamaru is being represented by a pitching machine. Mai argues that it isn't against the rules and an angry Nobara manages to make it on base. Megumi sacrifices himself on a bunt to allow Panda to hit it out of the park, followed up by Maki.

However, Momo catches Maki's high ball by riding on her broom. The Tokyo Team argues the call but one member on each team can use jujutsu can use jujutsu due to the lack of players. Aoi steps up to bat and demands to face off against the pitcher. Maki interrupts him and flattens Todo with an intention pitch to the face. While Yuji checks in on his friend, everyone congratulates Maki on the pitch. This makes Yuji realize just how hated Aoi really is among all the students.

Toge uses his athleticism to make it on base. Yuji steps up to bat last and knocks it out of the park. The game ends with of score of 2-0, making the Tokyo Team the winners of the 30th Annual Goodwill Event.[2]


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