Awasaka is a Curse user who helped Suguru Geto & the curses during Shibuya Incident; along with Granny Ogami and her grandson.[1]



Full body appearance.

Awasaka is an elderly man with a large muscular build. Awasaka is mostly bold but with a tussle of hair at the top of his head, thick rectangle eyebrows, a handlebar mustache, and a goatee. Awasaka wears a white t-shirt, a haramaki, black shorts, and shoes. Awasaka also carries a tanto which he keeps in his haramaki.

When Awasaka was younger, he had a full head of black short hair, and a five o'clock shadow. Awasaka also wore a light colored hoodie and light colored pants.




In the past, Awasaka worked as a killer for hire and used his technique in his work. One day, Awasaka accepted a contract to kill Satoru Gojo. As Awasaka was spying on Gojo, Awasaka became frightened when Gojo he notices just how powerful Gojo is.

Shibuya Incident Arc

On October 31, Awasaka is on top of Shibuya S Tower in Shibuya with Ogami and her grandson as they guard the Cursed tools that are putting up the curtains. When Yuji shouts that Gojo has been sealed, Awasaka hears this and talks with Ogami about what could happen next. Awasaka then talks with Ogami and her grandson if the enemy can find them, but Ogami's grandson says that the enemy won't be able to get to their location fast since the lower floors of the tower is full of mutated humans. When Megumi and Yuji suddenly show up and trap the three with a wire, Awasaka manages to slip free and grab two of the objects that are putting up the curtains. Awasaka is suddenly wrapped with the wire multiple times and thrown off of the tower.

On the ground floor, Megumi and Yuji find Awasaka but Megumi notices that Awasaka is still alive which Awasaka gets up and prepares to fight the two. As Awasaka fights the two, Megumi and Yuji notice that none of their attacks are working. While continuing the fight, Megumi tells Awasaka that Gojo is in Shibuya but Awasaka replies that he already knows that Gojo has been sealed. Awasaka then says that its about time that he kill them, which Megumi summons his Escape Rabbit to distract Awasaka. As Awasaka wonders about the rabbits, they are deactivated which Awasaka wonders if the two had escaped. Suddenly Megumi drops his Max Elephant on Awasaka, but Awasaka easily with stands it. As Megumi deactivates his shikigami and distance himself, Awasaka get annoyed with Megumi and tells him to fight him like a man. Megumi says that is more Yuji thing, which Awasaka notices that Yuji is throwing a car at him. Awasaka then continue to fight the two, and thinks about how his technique works. Suddenly Awasaka is attacked by Megumi's toad, and that attack does some damage to him. Awasaka is then pummeled by Megumi and Yuji, which Awasaka tells them to not get cocky. Awasaka notices that Yuji is preparing a powerful attack, which Awasaka tries to counter. Awasaka notices that Yuji has stopped his attack just before it had hit. Awasaka is then defeated when Yuji punches Awasaka after adjusting the power of his punch. Awasaka is then tied up while he is unconscious.


Physical Power

Weapon Mastery

Awasaka wields a tanto while in combat.

Cursed Power and Forms

Cursed Techniques: Awasaka cursed technique is Inverse.While this technique is activated, attacks become weaker the stronger they are while weaker attacks become stronger the weaker they are. Their is a limit to what this technique can reverse since simple air resistance would destroy the user.



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