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Auspicious Beasts Summon (来訪 (らいほう) 瑞獣 (ずいじゅう) Raihō Zuishū?) is Takuma Ino's innate technique. It makes him a spiritual medium while his face is hidden, allowing Ino to summon and use the abilities of four auspicious beasts.


Auspicious Beasts Summon is a type of séance technique that transforms the user into a spiritual medium as long as their face is hidden from view. As a medium for spirits, the user can bring forth the power of auspicious beasts numbers one to four. The auspicious beasts' abilities are manifests by the user's cursed energy, and can be summoned by calling out the desired beast's name and number.

Unlike shikigami or curse manipulation spirits, Auspicious Beast Summon does not create spirits to fight alongside their master. Instead, the abilities of the Auspicious Beasts are manifested for the user to utilize themselves.[1]


Kento Nanami, a capable grade 1 sorcerer with his own innate technique believes Ino's Auspicious Beast Summon is exceptionally strong. So much so that Ino could easily become a semi-grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer if he so desired.[2] Ino always wears a mask scrunched up into a hat on his head. To activate his technique, Ino lowers the mask over his face, causing his cursed energy to rise.

By funneling his cursed energy into his technique, Ino can summon any of the four beasts at will. His go-to appears to be Number One: Kaichi, which he can use at mid-range to fight from a distance.[3][4] Combined with his hand-to-hand combat skills, Number Two: Reiki makes Ino a fierce combatant as well.[5]

Ino used both Kaichi and Reiki in his battle with Ogami and her grandson during the Shibuya Incident. Once the grandchild shapeshifted into Toji Zenin as a result of Ogami's own Séance Technique, Ino attempted to use Ryu but his mask was taken off before he got a chance.[6]

Auspicious Beasts
Auspicious Beast Kaichi.png Auspicious Beast Number One - Kaichi (獬豸 Kaichi?): Summons a levitating horn with spiral designs that can be telepathically controlled by the user. It can be fired as a projectile coated in cursed energy capable of skewering away flesh with ease. Even if the horn is evaded it will act as a homing missile, following its target until the attack hits. Once the attack hits, the horn has a stinging effect that injures its target[7]
Auspicious Beast Reiki.png Auspicious Beast Number Two - Reiki (霊亀 Reiki?): A defensive technique that transmutes the user's cursed energy into telepathically manipulated water that coats the user's body like a cushion. By submerging his feet in Reiki's liquid, Ino can slip and slide to increase his mobility as well.[8]
NoPicAvailable.png Auspicious Beast Number Three - Kirin (麒麟 Kirin?): Effectively causes intracerebral doping, which nullifies Ino's own sense of pain. However, it also drains his stamina, causing him to become extremely tired but unable to sleep at the same time. Once Kirin has been summoned and the technique completes, Ino becomes immobile for some time.[9] (Ino has not yet utilized this technique in the story.)
Ino attempts to use Ryu.png Auspicious Beast Number Four - Ryu ( Ryū?): Little is known currently. It appears to charge the user's hand with electricity. Ino's demonstration of the technique was interrupted before the effects were unleashed.[10]


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